Help ID this movie or TV show

Ok, my fiance and I saw something recently that was either a TV show or a movie (we’re leaning towards TV, since we don’t watch a lot of movies and have already ruled them out for the most part). We can only remember one scene and we cannot recall any of the actors involved. Here’s what we remember:

There is an old man who is either the father or grandfather of two younger women (in their 30’s, probably.) He is elderly and possibly sick/dying and keeps talking about money (or gold) that he’d buried in his backyard.

The daughters come to his house and are trying to find the buried loot w/ metal detectors. They keep going off, they dig, and find beer pull-tabs. The old man says “I’ve been sitting out here drinking beer for the past 40 years.”

I feel like it was a comedy. My faulty memory put Rip Torn into the old man role and Parker Posey into the daughter role - but IMDB tells me that neither of them have been in anything lately that matches what I’m remembering.

We may or may not have been in a properly sober frame of mind while watching this, thus the massive memory gaps.

Ring a bell w/ anyone? We ran through all of our regularly watched TV shows and recently seen movies and couldn’t come up with the answer.


This definitely sounds like Happy Tears, which features both actors (but which I haven’t seen).

Since it’s a very recent release, could you have seen a clip from it on a TV show?

More evidence it’s Happy Tears:

I’m sure that’s it… but I’ve not seen Happy Tears.

Must have seen clips on a review or trailer show. Would explain why I couldn’t remember any other parts of the movie. Glad my memory of the actors involved is correct though.

I think I did see a trailer. And I remember now that it looked pretty good. Guess I’m obligated to watch it now.