Movie ID please...

My dad asked me to find a movie based on the plot he remembers (he saw it maybe 10-15 years ago). The movie is either American or British, a comedy. The plot (he may not remember it exactly, but this is what he says):

Some millionaire’s daughter is the type of person to whom things keep happening. Jinxed. You know, the type whose tires regularly blow on the highway, computers glitch as they sit down next to them, light bulbs burn out when they walk in the room, things break when they touch them etc. The girl goes on a trip and disappears. The search and private investigators don’t find her. Someone suggests finding another such jinxed person, sending him to the same area, and seeing where he winds up, hoping that since the same misfortunes happen to him maybe he will wind up finding her.

The “proof” of the guy that winds up being chosen for this is the scene where he walks into the room with a big conference table and a couple dozen chairs around it, and one chair has a bad leg - the observers expect him to sit down on that particular chair. He does.

The final scene in the movie (after the guy finds the girl) is where they step out on a wooden pier on some lake, and as they are standing there, the pier breaks off and floats away with them on it.

I will really appreciate it if someone can ID the movie for me. Thanks.

Pure Luck with Martin Short.

Thank you Joey. That’s it.

12 minutes? Not bad, I suppose…


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