Help ID this worm from my cat

(need answer fast)

Waiting for the vet to call me back. Hookworm? Ringworm? Something else? Came from the feces :frowning:

Ringworm is a skin fungal infection, so that is not.

It is too big for hookworm.

From the picture, either roundworm (Ascaris leonina, IIRC) or some type of tapeworm. I’m leaning towards tapeworm because it looks flatter and segmented. Roundworms are, well, round.

Have you given your cat a dewormer recently? Is your cat an inside/outside cat that may have access to fleas? Have you noticed “rice grains” in your cat’s poop recently?

Fear not, as tapeworms do not generally cause disease in dogs and cats.

Roundworm :slight_smile:
Been there myself :slight_smile:

No dewormer ever. Inside cat except when she gets out, she’s back inside within a minute or two. No rice grains. Vet gave some medicine for deworming. Says its tapeworm :mad:

If it is tapeworm, it most likely got in contact with a flea, as they are the carriers of one of the most common tapeworm species in cats.

Like I said, tapeworms are more an “ugly nuisance” than a real harm to your pet. But it is a heads up that your cat has come in contact, at least recently, with fleas.

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