Kitty worms. Now what? (Mayhaps TMI).

Ahem. I happened to glance into the litterbox after my tom Boom went #2. I know it was him, cause I saw him leave, and there’s always a stench after he leaves that none of the other cats leave.

I notice, whatthefuck, there are little white things wiggling about on his present.

Now, cats aren’t exactly my area of expertise (snakes are), but I’m assuming those are worms of some sort.

So, a few questions:

1- What, exactly, are these?

2- Can I get an OTC treatement? If so, what kind?

3- Or do I need to take him to the vet?

4- Will medications interfere with his Fixing on Feb 18th?

There are OTC treatments, but they don’t work very well (nor do the OTC flea treatments). Call the vet. I don’t know if it would interfere with the scheduled surgery, but I’d bet that an active case of worms would! My kitty had worms when I first got her (19 years ago, and I still have her, and I’m not talking about ashes in an urn, she’s still among the living), and the pills the vet gave me got rid of them for good. I can only assme that the meds have improved over the last 2 decades.

Quite possibly tapeworms, which cats get from ingesting fleas. That’s how it was explained to me by the vet, anyway. As I recall, there was just one pill the cat had to take. You will probably need to treat all cats in the house for worms and fleas to avoid reinfection. I suspect the vet will want to worm and dip your cat first thing, since they don’t want to spread this stuff to other cats in the practice when he’s in there for his fixin’

Your vet may also suggest treating your other cats prophylactically, since they can spread some kinds of worms via a common litter box, among other ways.

Hie thee & your cat to a vet pronto. You can read about cat worms here althought the pictures are a little gross.
The vet will give you meds and either resechedule the fixin’ or not. Tell the vet about all the cats in your house. You might bring a fresh sample from the litter box if you can get one.
I hope Boom gets better soon.

Here’s a good site on the subject:

The Common Tapeworm

From the FAQ (toward the bottom of the page):

You will need to start applying Advantage, Frontline or Revolution to all your cats monthly to avoid fleas and the problems (like this) that fleas can bring.

Thanks for the link. Looks like the Tapeworms to me. Only, we don’t have any fleas. Hmm!

Sigh. Time to make an apt. Silly mammals.

My Charlie Cat would get tapeworms from time to time, and has never had a flea problem himself.

The tapeworm comes from ingesting fleas. Charlie would get it when he’d run off outside and eat baby bunnies and squirrels.

Just because you don’t see any fleas does not mean there are no fleas.

From a sub-page of The Flea Control Center, Lesson 1: Why Fleas Are Bad:

There is more, but these seemed to be most appropriate to your situation.

My parents have two outdoor cats which both occasionally get worms from eating something they’ve hunted. they are small and white, and look a bit like a grain of rice, and are REALLY easy to see on our black and dark brown kitties! At this point, we just have a on-going prescription from the vet, where she gives us a half dozen or more deworming pills, and we just keep them around for when we notice the worms. Neither have ever seemed to have fleas nor any rashes or skin disorders, though we do treat them for fleas.

Bring your cat to the vet this time, but if he or the other cats are hunters, ask your vet if you can just get a few of the pills for you to administer when you see worms. That way you save yourself the cost of a vet visit, and spare the vet the time it takes to give a pill to the cat.

Let me guess, they were little white maggot/cucumber seed looking things, right? Tapeworm segments–no other intestinal parasite looks like that. If your cat has a history with a vet, they could probably dispense you some Droncit based on a phone call. I’d have them do a microscopic fecal exam to check for other parasites, though, either now or when he goes in for his neuter. Tapeworm infestation shouldn’t affect his surgery–I can’t tell you how many animals we spayed or neutered (or removed masses, or stabilized fractures, or did hip replacements on), and diagnosed tapes while the animal was under anesthesia. As long as he’s otherwise in good condition, they shouldn’t need to reschedule his neuter because of parasites. He should still handle the anesthetic just fine. I’d be more concerned about getting pre-anesthetic bloodwork done on him than about the tapes affecting his surgery.

Here’s another vote for taking your cat to the vet. You might also just ask about whether he/she feels that the other cats should be treated as well. Both my cats had worms when I got them from the pound. When I got the first one (I got them about 2 years apart), I hadn’t even expected worms. What a nasty surprise! Thank God I knew what was happening when worms crawled out of the second one’s butt. In both cases, the cat in question was curled up in my lap and the little segments wiggled their way out of the cats’ butts. It was absolutely nasty.

Anyway, the vet (in both my cats’ cases, anyway) gave them both one de-worming pill, and that did the trick. With the first one, though, after he was given the de-worming pill, he had a really long, dead worm dangling out of his asshole and I had to chase him around the house with a paper towel to remove it. He thought I was trying to play! Ewwww…

Best of luck!

Oh boy, cats with worms. Our indoor/outdoor cats have gotten them a few times, probably from munching on neighborhood vermin. Once, I discovered the worm segments after the cat jumped off my bed. It’s just a simple trip to the vet, as previous posters have mentioned. It’s a lot easier now than it was when we lived in a tiny farm town. The local vet usually only treated livestock, so the de-wormer she gave the cat was pretty brutal. It did the trick, but I don’t think Mittens enjoyed the experience. Good luck!

Exactly. That’s what they were.

And thanks for all the advice, y’all. I’ll be calling on Monday to make an apt. It’ll be a good time to do the shots and stuff he’s due for, as well.

Good thing The Cody worked 20 hours of overtime this week, hehe. Mammal bills get big.

Anyway, he never goes outside, so I’m really not sure how he got them. He didn’t have any when I found him. Maybe he got them from the kitten. Somehow. Ah, it doesn’t matter HOW he got them.

And thanks for the flea info. The two times I’ve had kitty fleas, I could se them moving around under their jaw and near the ears. But nada this time, s’why I assumed I didn’t have fleas.