Roundworm! Yick!

Kitty #2 just threw up roundworms. Charming. Yes, yes, I’ll call the vet in the morning. Meanwhile, is it likely that all the cats will need to be wormed? Blech.

Yes, it’s very common for them to spread to all the cats in the household. Sometimes to the dogs, too. Only rarely to the humans, though. Get them ALL wormed quickly.

You really ought to consider giving your cats non-prescription wormer on a regular basis – say 4-6 times per year. it’s quite cheap, and helps prevent problems like this.

Thanks. They’re indoor cats, now, following a missing kitty adventure early this fall (of which the roundworms may be the legacy, though the errant kitten was wormed when he was retrieved). I’ll definitely do a second round this time and will ask the vet about periodic worming. They get a monthly anti-flea topical. I’m glad to know people don’t get roundworms too easily. I’m more familiar with tapeworms–this is the first roundworm I’m aware of in over 40 years of cats.