Help identify a movie or TV show.

I saw this when I was a kid (sometime in the '80’s). Some teenagers are in a boat and one of the teenagers (Teen A) is holder another teenager (Teen B) under the water by putting one hand on Teen B’s head and the other hand over Teen B’s mouth. An old guy is watching this whole thing.

Erm, well… it could be anything from April Fool’s Day to Porky’s.

Any more details you can recall than that?

The guy getting held under water had big hair as I recall. It was also brown.

No idea on the movie yet but why would he cover the guys mouth? Wouldn’t the water have the same effect?

Never mind, it probably doesn’t matter. I guess we’ll assume they were on a fairly small boat, not a yacht or cruise ship. Were they on the ocean? Lake? River? Did you see this in the theater? Was it on network television or on a cable movie channel? Did Teen B drown? Was it a horror movie, or maybe a thriller?

:smacks forehead:
Okay, lemme try a diffrent tack:

Was it a PG type teen comedy, or possibly a more T&A “adult” teen comedy? (If it was the latter, but you saw it “edited for television” this may be hard to nail down. That was pretty much the USA network’s staple fare in the late 80s.)

Was it a slasher flick?

Anything really distinctive that you can recall about any of the actors involved? An eyepatch? A bright neon pink jacket?

Was the boat on a lake, with the old man watching from the shore, or out in the middle of the ocean and the old man was in the boat with the teens?

Can you recall anything beyond that one scene from the movie?
(In all sympathy, I get that m’self from time to time. Just one scene, or line of dialogue, connected to nothing, pops into my head, and it drives me nuts until I can figure out what movie I saw it in.)

Were the teens white/black/red/yellow/male/female/tan/pale/13 or so/19 or so/looked more like 25 or so?

What was brown?

The boat? The water? The big hair? The guy (either one)?

What exactly do you mean, “big hair”. Like Eraserhead big? Long and flowing? Dreadlocks? This could be a good clue.

Describe the camera shots you remember. Were there underwater shots showing the teen that was drowning, or a closeup of his face? Overhead shot, or maybe from the old guy’s point of view? How old is “old” anyways?

Here’s some guesses from movies I saw back then, but nothing I remember with that scene:

Friday the 13th
The Big Blue

The guy’s hair was brown. By big I mean puffy, not long. Teen A had his hand over Teen B’s mouth so he wouldn’t scream. It was a little row boat. The old guy was also in a little row boat. I think the old guy might have been fishing. I saw it on TV. I don’t think it was a slasher movie, it definitly was not a teen sex comedy.