Help identify game which breaks the fourth wall

I remember a discussion about a game I never played, but it sounded interesting. The game is possibly survival horror genre, where the character is going insane as the game progresses. Eventually the game starts to address the player, and does strange things like put fake volume adjustment bars on the screen, or graphics designed to look like insects crawling on the outside of the television screen. Can anyone help identify this game based on the description?

Eternal Darkness?

Edit:Youtube link

lots of games break the fourth wall: Max Panye and Metal Gear sollid did in some scenes

Definitely Eternal Darkness. At one point, it made it seem as if the Gamecube crashed and restarted, right before a major fight, and well after a save point.

And it could fake reset your Gamecube and load with the PS2 screen.

I’ve been thinking about getting this game for my Wii for a while… I think I’ll make it a point to do so when I get back from the desert in a couple months.

It’s a brilliant game, and I’ll refrain from spoiling some of my favorite “insane” moments. I’ll just say that even if you’re capable of keeping a character perfectly sane, it’s worth letting them get really crazy a few times.

Oh, and make sure you play it in a dark room. :smiley: