Help identify German Chocolate brand

All I can recall is that these individual flat bottomed and rounded topped squares of chocolate were housed in a long trapezoidal box on a small cardboard sheet with short folded rails on the side rails that was wrapped in tinfoil.

I recall the box being a forest green for the Milk Chocolate version, but there were various flavors available (hazelnut, nougat, etc.).

Anyone know what the heck I’m talking about?

Droste’s Chocolates are still sold like that. My favourite is the orange chocolate.

StG , if you like dark chocolate the Droste extra dark is heavenly!


I don’t think it was Droste, but I could be mistaken. As I said, they were more trapazoidal in shape (square bottom with a rounded top).

Droste is nice, but I have fond memories of my grandfather sharing the one I’m thinking of, with me.

Found it