Help identify this print of a regatta.

I’m trying to identify the artist and title of the painting that’s on a poster that belongs to MinkFiancee. The poster is for the 1989 Cincinatti Regatta. It shows a group of people viewed from the rear, standing at the edge of a lake or river watching a rowing regatta. The painting looks like it was done in oil, though it is somewhat photo-realistic. In the lower left-hand corner is a monogram of a large ‘H’ with smaller ‘W’ and ‘E’ above and below the bar of the ‘H’. From the monogram and the nautical theme, my first guess was Winslow Homer, but I was unable to find anything on the web. Also, the style of clothes of the spectators is a bit more modern that I would expect in a work by Homer.

Here’s a link to a photo of the print and a detail of the monogram:

Any clues would be appreciated.

I searched through my favorite art links and nothing comes up for this painting…

Also, Homer generally signed his paintings in the lower left using his full name.
Thought it was possibly Edward Hopper… but cant confirm that either.

… will keep a lookout for it though!

Definitely far later than Homer. It’s not Hopper, but that’s closer in time. My guess is that it is more recent but intended to be evocative of mid-century styles (probably a regional artist-- I think the only way you might find this out is to contact the people who did the publicity for the event). The styles (clothing, et al) seem to be quite modern in shape (1970s or after) but generalized in order to look timeless (cut-off denim shorts, bleached in color out so that it’s not obvious).
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