Help IDentifying a Movie Scene

Hitchcock film, I beleive (although it might not be). Woman in her room, taking off earring, or something similar. The door to the room opens with a creak and the woman turns towards the open door and screams. The scene is memorable because the persepective is from the doorway of whatever the woman is screaming about.

The scene was parodied in Top Secret.


Black and white? Color? Approximate decade?

Or do you only know it from the parody?

There was the very famous scene in The 39 Steps where the maid finds a dead body, turns and screams, then there’s a quick cut to a train whistle going off. It’s possible that’s what was parodied.

Not an earring, but a very similar setup in Psycho: we see Janet Leigh’s terror from the killer’s point of view.

There was a hotel room scene in Marnie That could be it.