Help identifying a Typewriter

So me and my brother were at a Flea Market and we found this typewriter for 12 dollars. It has the words Remington Standard. Can anyone help us identify it?

It’s a Remington Standard. Link is to a serial number database that will tell you more about that particular model and year.

I’m going to go with 1962. That’s a WAG; I’m no expert on period typewriters. When the OP does look up the serial number, please come back & tell us what you’ve learned.

After checking the serial number on the typewriter itself, this particular model isn’t in the typewriter database. It is almost identical to the Remington International though, except it doesn’t have international on the front.

Here’s a 1960-61 ad for what looks like yours, in orange:

It looks exactly likethis, except this isn’t loaded with a double ribbon; however, it has the shifter to use a double ribbon. Whoever is selling it couldn’t nail down the year either, though. It does look more 60ish than 50ish. It’s definitely from somewhere around there.