help identifying ridiculously popular tune

I am almost embarrassed asking for help about this but I am trying to identify the title/artist of a recent pop/dance tune.

It may be as recent as 2010 but might be a couple of years old. It’s undoubtedly gotten lots of top-20 airplay on radio stations, only I don’t listen to those stations. It’s a very upbeat dance number, the vocalist is male and I think he is using auto-tune during parts of the song; the main lyric may begin with the word, “We…”.

The only more definite detail I can provide is that I first became aware of the song while working out on a treadmill listening to “Designed to Sell” and/or “Project Runway” because it was being used for a commercial aired during these shows to promote a different television show that I think was about weddings or bridal parties. (At any rate there were images of weddings and bridal parties and the song and these images was definitely being used to promote another TV-show, probably reality type, not a product)

Can anyone help me here?