help -- I'm stuck in Dulles and this connection sucks

Dulles doesn’t have wi-fi – and this public machine sucks royally, it won’t load more than the first cou-ple thread – anyway, TN &b NC folks – major changes in plaans – evilbeth – can I push things back 24 hours?elelle, Raleigh folks, I’ve gotta canel – hope to have a better connection later, but wanted to warn y\all…

Of course, we have already spoken but I wanted to post to bump this up so the NC Dopers could see it.

Hope you enjoyed your chocolate!

Well, hope you liked the People Mover. And, if you’re a smoker, there’s at least a place or two you can do that.

Otherwise, sympathies to you.

Ah, Dulles. I spend too much time there lately. Auntie Anne’s Prezels are tasty, though. I had a frequent-buyer card until they cancelled the program.

Well, I finally made it out of Dulles alive. It turns out it is possible to spend seven and a half hours there without losing your mind. Let me see – rescheduled my flight, called my sidekick at work to figure out what plan B was, went and had breakfast, called my sidekick again, read fora while, made a bunch of phone calls rearranging hotel reservations, etc., read some more, took a nap, had a slice of pizza, and got on a plane that not only left on time but got in 15 minutes early.

So here I am in Knoxville, which isn’t where I was originally supposed to be – I’m doing today’s stuff tomorrow, which is why all tomorrow’s stuff is getting cancelled, including a Doper Lunch and a d Doper Dinner – my apologies to all.

Still having dinner with evilbeth and her daughter tomorrow, though, so itwon’t be a totally Doperfree trip…

Twickster, so sorry I won’t get to meet you…hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly.