Stranded in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami

Thanks to the stom in the NE I can not return to Philidelphia until Wed. Since I do have a rental car, I need ideas of things to do tomorrow morning/afternoon. Since I won’t have access to a PC after I post this please E-mail emanuel at kep it under 100 chars please. If anyone wants to get together for lunch E-mail me your #

Ok I feel like I trust all you dopers w/ my cell # seeing as how it has caller ID so if any of you Ft Lauderdale/Miami dopers want to reach me call me at *** deleted ***. I fly back from Miami at One Five Teen on Wed.
Mods if you feel me posting my number like this is a violation please remove the post

It’s not a violation per se, but just a very bad idea. We can’t control who gets it or what they might do with it, so for your own protection I’ve removed it.