Help! Kitten

My ex-husband found a kitten (maybe 8 weeks old I’d guess) and asked if I would take him since his dog doesn’t like the kittie at all.

I agreed and my son brought him over about an hour ago. He cried at first, but after I bathed him and dried him and held him for a while he purred.

I have no cat food so I minced some leftover roast chicken and rice and he ate until his belly was full. I’ve given him water - I have milk, but I’m afraid it’s not good for him.

I don’t drive right now, so I have no way of getting supplies until tomorrow.

He’s made himself at home - hje seems to love the spiral steps up to my bedroom, and he’ explored most of my apartment.

He’s yelling at me right now, and I don’t know why.

Please Dopers - tell me what I need to do. Vet has to wait until my next pay period.


Kitty gonna need one pretty soon after eating, I’d think.

Failing that, maybe take him outside for supervised play for a bit…or spread some newspapers if you have no litterbox handy

He might need a litter box. If you have a roasting pan or a large cake pan, find some sand or shred some newspaper.

You should inmediately post pictures. How could you forget that!

Here he is - cheap camera phone - he’s cuter than this photo: you all!

I made a makeshift litter pan for the night. He’s made himself at home and just jumped on my locs and hung down my back. I’m falling in love.

Awww. Cute widdle kitty! Yay for you letting the little guy adopt you. And don’t worry about getting cat toys- to a kitten, the world is a toy!

He/she’s a meezer! A little baby Siamese kitten. You’re so lucky!

You’re right! He’s adopted me - this is HIS house now. He’s strutting around here like a little prince and he investigates everything and plays with anything that moves.

I thought he looked like a Siamese - I just compared him to photos online and I think he is. I love him no matter what he is - I just named him “Chico”.

Oh, and you’re right about the milk- it can upset their tummies. You can get something called “cat milk” in the pet food section of most grocery stores or pet supply places.

The pictures explain all! Siamese cats are extremely vocal.

Very cute kitteh you got there!

That’s what I was going to say - he’s yelling because he’s Siamese. I’d get used to that if I were you. :slight_smile: (They are also smart and affectionate cats.) What a little cutey!

Siamese are indeed a very vocal breed. I’ve had siamese all my childhood and love love love them. They are smart, pretty, and loving cats. None of mine were lap cats. All were pretty much independant which is another trait that I loved.

If you want to hear the most gawd-awful noise in the entire world, let him go into heat. The yowling is memorable. If you want to be a responsible pet owner, get him neutered as soon as he’s old enough.


Congrats on the new kitty! (Although I can’t believe your ex dumped him on your with no supplies). First thing you’ll need, and by that I mean tonight, is a litter box. What goes in must come out.

Tomorrow you’lll need to get some decent kitten food (don’t feel like you need to buy the most expense thing PetSmart has, but don’t go for the generic supermarket brand either). If you don’t already have one, ask around for a vet referrel and have the kitten checked and start his shots. You’ll want to have him neutered as soon as the vet recomends it, because sexually mature male cats often spray, and you can’t get them to stop marking territory. You can use whatever is handy for food and water dishes.

Sweet kitty. My two siamese (and the two DSH, as well) say hi!


How’d your first night with the new kitty go?

Purina One makes probably the best grocery-store brand kitty food. Not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive.

That’s one gorgeous kitty! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

Thanks for all the great advice!

Chico slept with me (allowed me to stay on the bed after he staked it out) and he didn’t get up until my alarm went off.

I fed him before I even brushed my teeth and he wolfed it down and gave me “the look” - I quickly shredded more chicken. I waited while he ate, then he hopped back up the stairs with me.

He stayed in the bathroom with me for my full morning ritual - I was amazed. It was difficult to leave him this morning.

My son is on fall break and will take care of him for me today. I can spend my lunch hour getting a real litter box and other supplies.

I’m shocked that this love at first sight concept is true! I love him.

Oh, he is so totally going to look at a bowl of cat food and be PISSED that it isn’t hand-shredded chicken. :slight_smile:

awwww. congrats on the wee one.

you are starting him off nicely for a life of “i am the king”.

enjoy the little guy.

He is beautiful!!! I have a Siamese mix myself and he has ruined me for other cats. Please post more pics!

Sounds like you’re in good shape so far. One thing you may look into is whether or not there is a low cost spay/neuter clinic in your area. Could save you a few bucks on that aspect of caring for Chico, though they usually don’t do anything but the spay/neuter, you’ll need a separate vet visit for a checkup and shots. I believe kittens usually have to be 12 weeks old before getting fixed.

Don’t forget to get Chico toys. Some favorites are little mice, wavy rings (they look like the plastic strips from gallons of milk), feathers on sticks, and laser pointers (surprising cheap these days). A scratching post is a good idea, save your furniture. Catnip may or may not be interesting to him at this age, I hear it takes time for them to grow into liking it.