help - large book landed on cat's head

our cat jumped on a table with the Yellow Pages on it, slid off and landed on the gound, the yellow pages landing in her head. for about 10 to 15 seconds she stumbled about a bit like a boxer when he has just been hit with a KO punch and is trying to beat the count, then she was ok. but i think her head must still hurt cos she doesnt like being touched there.
will she be ok, is there anything we should do?

Call the vet and ask them what they think. I have no idea. There’s a book called “How to be Your Own Veterinarian(sometimes)” with an edition for both horses and dogs. There may be a cat edition as well. Check the library, I guess.

Ditto to Hello Again. If your vet isn’t available on a Sunday night, check your yellow pages for a 24-hour emergency pet care hotline. I was able to find one when my schnauzer was mauled by a German Shepherd one Sunday night a couple years ago, so perhaps there’s one in your area. You’ll probably be able to find an answer faster that way than waiting for a vet to show up here and read your question.

You also might get better answers if you had started this thread in another forum. GQ, perhaps?

Well, hey. It was a book landed on the cat’s head after all. That’s almost Cafe Society-worthy. :smiley:

I thought maybe you were soliciting recipes.

All jokes aside, please call your vet. Your cat’s staggering around and feeling pain just to be touched don’t sound like everything’s fine. Nobody here can tell you what is wrong with your cat or if he has serious injuries, but having a phone book land on his head can’t be good for him.

Okay, if THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV had landed on your cat’s head, I could understand your posting this in the Cafe.

The Yellow Pages? Nyuh-uh.

Moving to IMHO, since I suppose you’re looking for opinions on how to doctor your pussy.

…By the way, aren’t you the fellow who started that thread on fertilizing your garden with dogshit here in Cafe Society? Think you could do a better job of choosing forums in the future?

Call the phone company and ask them to IMMEDIATELY send another book to you in case it was damaged!

Sorry in advance, but I gotta.

Sounds like he needs a cat scan.


agreed, call a vet, but i just have to say this-

hope for the best: that all the information (from the phone book) was crammed into your cat’s head . . .

i’m TURELY sorry, and i really do hope your cat’s okay, but my second nature is easing the tesion.

i meant TRUELY

Wanna take one more crack at it? :slight_smile:

sure, why not? i’m been typo-dragon all week . . .

Is the little furry critter okay or what?

Unless it was thrown by a small child, or a vicious drunk, the cat should be okay. It should also be worth a million laughs when it can’t find the litter box, gives up and poops in one of the flowerpots, but hey, do it quietly and don’t hurt its feelings.