Help locate this English church please!

Hi all!

As I’ve been feeling a little bored recently, I’ve taken to identifying filming locations for one of my favourite programmes, the rather aamzing “People Like Us”

While I have most now, there are a couple eluding me, the main one being the church in the following pictures.

Whilst “People Like Us” claims to be filmed all over the U.K all the locations I have identified thus far are in either Middlesex or Hertfordshire, so I’m guessing the church is in one of those two locations.

A friend of my sisters who knows about these thing says that the design is very “Hertfordshire-like” but numerous google and google images searches have failed to produce anything exactly the same as the picture.

The only other snippet of info I have is that there is a stream within the grounds at the rear of the church!

Any help with this would be gratefully received.


If you have a lot of time on your hands you could use this site:

It’ll list all the churches in Herts or Middlesex, then it’s a case of plugging the names into google images to see what pops up!

I had my sisters friend give me a list of all the churches in the Herts area that match the church in the picture. He thinks from the size and design that it’s six-bell church, which is reasonably rare. However I did receive a list of about 30 possible churches from him, googled each one and none of them was it.

It’s really annoying me now, damn thing.

If I get nowehere here, I might try emailing one of the actors in it on the offchance that they might remember the location.



Maybe St Martin’s at Sandford in Oxfordshire.

Ah now, thanks for the reply don’t ask, but you have actually kinda pointed out my second problem.

Lots of churches look like the church in the pics, but none of them so far actually are!

The church in Oxford doesn’t have the metal fenced off crypt thing on the left of my picture and the side windows are wrong, as well as the end window on the left hand side of the church end. My sister assures me that churches dont change to that sort of extent as many of them are listed and I’m pretty sure whatever family had their relative interred in that crypt thing {what’s it actually called?} wouldn’t want that moved around!

I apologise for my lack of church-parts knowledge, but you can see what I mean I’m sure.

It is interesting that you suggested Oxford though as that was where the episode claimed to be set, although a google of the supposed name came up with nothing - that was the first thing I tried.

I’m usually pretty good at exactly this kinda stuff, for instance finding out The Inbetweeners filming locations way before other people had worked them out, but this ones got me stumped!