Help me: 360 or PS3?

Hey all,

Just registered, been looking for a cool online community that is not Facebook, and seems like I found one. Anyway, I have been without a videogame system since Summet 2009 when my first-gen 360 redlighted. Anyway, student loan money has arrived, and it’s time…I need games again!

I’ve been a diehard 360 fan since it was released; I was all Sony and anti-Microsoft before that. However, the 360 alone won me over, but the essential worthlessness (and a $600 pricetag for essential worthlessness) of the PS3 did not help, in reference to mainly the game lineup. Anyway, my natural first choice was the 360, but I understand some things have changed in recent years. My bro thinks I should get a PS3…he says the game lineup is virtually identical, plus the PS3 has “tons of RPGs” (my favorite genre when i have time to play through one), and its additional features (like netflix option) make it better than 360. He used to be pro-360 as well, and his argument is very persuasive. Would any of you kindly give me your opinion? I want to make an informed, unbiased decision and get the console that will give me the most rewarding experience.

Thanks all, and I look forward to being a member of your community!

My usual response is “what do your friends have?” You can’t do any online play cross-platform.

What kind of RPGs are you interested in? I’d look up those kind of games online and see what platforms they’re available for.

There’s always the wondrous list compilation that Wikipedia does - they have lists of PS3-only and XBox-only games. Check over those lists and see if there’s anything you can’t live without - just comparing numbers doesn’t mean much, because what if you don’t care about most of those games?

Oh, if you’re interested in motion-control games, I’ve been hearing better things about the XBox’s Kinect (sp?) system than the PS3’s Move, though some people have complained that in their home, it wants you to move lots of furniture to make it work.

Full disclosure: I own a PS3 and a Wii.

The PS3 has some RPGs the Xbox 360 doesn’t have and the Xbox 360 has some RPGs the PS3 doesn’t have. The better question is, which style of RPGs do you like? And then look at the breakdown because RPG is too broad a category that way.

Secondly, the 360 (and the Wii for that matter) have access to Netflix. The 360 was the only console to have Netflix for a while, so I’m not sure what you’re brother meant.

Anyway, I prefer the 360 over the PS3 (I hate the PS3 controller), but they really are almost identical now.

Each system has a handful of games available that were made exclusive to the system. However XBox 360 has a larger back library and both, for the most part, are not backwards compatible. However the 360’s games for used will be cheaper as well as the console price. You do lose out on having a Blu-Ray player but then you also are more apt to get the RRoD than the YLoD. (My XBox is getting repaired right now for an E74 :mad:)

Honestly, it sounds like your mind is made up already. Also, either way, I think there are Dopers on both, so you’ll have some of us to play with.

He might have been referring the fact that you have to have Xbox Live to get Netflix on there. I know it’s free on the Wii, not sure about the PS3.

The libraries are so similar that you really can’t go wrong. If you’re willing to buy used, though, I think the fully backward-compatible PS3 is the finest single-machine RPG solution you can get - assuming you meant JRPGs in your post…

You’re spending your student loans on video games?

To throw another question in the mix, does PS3 have anything equivalent to Kinetic for Xbox? I haven’t tried it yet, but word of mouth from friends/family members is pretty good, and not as clumsy as using the Wii wand, since it maps all your movements.

I own a PS3 (got it for Arkham Asylum and Netflix originally), and primarily chose it because I was familiar with the controller from the PS2 days. However, if Kinetic pans out and there is some game support past the initial ‘wow’ applications, that might push me into the Microsoft camp, either Xbox, or next generation.

The PS3 has “PlayStation Move” which is about halfway between the Wii’s remote control and the Kinect’s camera work.

Some people on here were convinced that it was going to be the BESTEST THING EVER before it came out, but the praise has been pretty absent since the Kinect release.

I can’t really tell you what you’d like in the world of motion controls though, so your best bet is to try to find a store demoing it or something.

But yes, mostly, if you want to play any sort of multiplayer, find out what most of your friends have.

To be fair, when I was in college I would get a huge check at the beginning of the semester (Cal Grant) which would more than cover my tuition and books. I would often take some of the remainder and make a splurge purchase (although not a $300 purchase, FWIW).

I justified this because I worked all through college at a 15 hr/week, $9/hr job, so there was more than enough money to go around. What’s $100 out of the pot once or twice a year?

The fully backwards-compatible versions are also super-rare and really expensive; they weren’t made for that long. You’d do better buying a separate PS2.

And yes, you don’t need an extra fee (above the standard Netflix subscription) to stream Netflix on a PS3.

We have the PS3, 2 XBox 360’s and a Wii. We also just set up the Kinect, although I have not played with it yet. We mainly use the PS3 for blueray. We can stream netflix on all three systems, but usually just do it through the XBox. I find the XBox interface easier to use, but it is similar to the PS3.

If I had to go away for a year, and could only bring one with me… XBox360, no doubt. But that is mainly because I have been playing Dragon Age: Origins (and awakenings, et. al.) compulsively for the past two months. :slight_smile: Thanks AClockworkMelon!!! Next stop, Arkham Asylum.

The Move is exactly the same as the Wii Remote. The only difference is that the camera solution Sony rigged up to get the Move can also record your movements and show them on the screen. But all the action is dictated by the Move controller.

My loans went toward a computer I primarily used for gaming. (It was also used for word processing, so it was used as intended too.) Between merit scholarships and a part time job, I pretty much had tuition room and board covered. I took the loan out to establish credit. It was a small one.

Also, it could be that tuition was paid for out of pocket while waiting for the loan to deposit.

As for the OP, I won a PS3 and Wii. I was generally happy with the PS3 until Sony reneged on the ability to install another OS then went way over the line by trying to get the identity of anybody who looked at the jailbreak video or tweet. I didn’t put another OS or jailbreak on my system (it’s for playing PS3 games - I have a computer for computing), but it’s put me in a very anti-Sony mood. On the other hand, Microsoft is Microsoft and I’m not much of a fan of theirs. (In fairness, my anti-Microsoft feelings have eased in the last year or two.) Do what I did with my student loan and buy a desktop!

The PS3 has advantages in terms of Netflix being free (you still ahve to pay for Netflix, but no 360 live fee) and it plays BluRay. As far as gaming goes - both are pretty good and each has some games that the other doesn’t. I have found 360 customer support to be better than PS3. PS3 runs a little quiter, but tends to be a little more of a pain in terms of freezing or loading. All in all, it’s a pretty tough decision unless you’re looking to play BluRays, in which case it’s a no brainer.

My friend just got a PS3 and Move, and hardware-wise, the Move seems much stronger than the Wii. It doesn’t seem to rely on accelerometers but can actually detect the depth dimension regardless of position (unlike the Wii, which would require the front end to be aimed at the sensor bar, or rely on the accelerometer). Even rotating the handle in your hand can affect the gameplay… comparing the Table Tennis game on the Move for example, to Tennis on the Wii - the table tennis game will actually rotate the paddle in your hand according to how you hold the Move controller, whereas in Tennis you can pretty much just swing the remote however you want and your Mii will swing at it.

Sounds like my initial lazy assessment wasn’t too far off.

Those are design choices, not limitations of the Wii. On the Wii main menu, your on-screen cursor is a little hand, rotating the Wii Remote will rotate the hand in the exact same way.

Several games (I know of Dead Space: Extraction for sure) have made use of this in gameplay situations.

I don’t have either. It’s a tough call, but I would pick up PS3. I only have a Wii, and I’m waiting out this Gen to see what Nintendo and others have to offer in a few years. I would get the PS3 because I like Move better than Kinect. I also need a blueray player. I also want to try Little Big Planet.