Help me buy a car (Pt2)

So last time i posted I was fairly green to the car purchasing game. I’ve narrowed down my options, have tried the cars I want (except for one) and have done a lot of research on the internet. Here are my options, give me feedback.

2009 Honda Fit: Pros: Seems a bit peppier than the 08 model which I have ruled out. I would only get the sport model due to the look, better sound system, arm rest, and other options. Seems to have enough zip to get me where I want to go, even though it’s not very macho…(hey I’m single! This stuff matters!) I’m comfortable in it, and I LOVE the space. I haul music gear all the time, it would be great for me. Hondas are suppposed to be reliable and have good resale value. All nice things for me since If I don’t like the car in 3-4 years, I can sell it at decent value. Also I like being green. This car seems pretty eco-friendly.

Cons: 7% financing?! Give me a break! This alone makes me have second thoughts. I would have to pay it down fast. Also the weak engine does concern me a bit for highway driving, which I do about twice a month. The sound system is okay, but I love to crank the tunes. Maybe I can upgrade it though. Also it does feel a bit Go Kartish to me. I guess thats the way of the subcompact. Safety looks good, but it is still a small car, and I live in a town dominated by huge trucks.

2008 or 09 Toyota Matrix: Pros: Feels more like a car. It has all the luxuries I could want, and has Toyota reliability. I know two people with a Matrix and they both love it. It’s comfortable, and a little higher on the machometer (for a wagon :slight_smile: ) Good gas Mileage, though not as good as the fit. Fun options (moonroof, heated seats, etc(

Cons: About 4000$ more expensive, though a more decent interest rate. I think it’s about 4.5% on the new models. Two of my friends own it (I like to be unique). The space in the back is big…but I think the fit has more. It seems like it at least. Again I thought the sound was just okay, but it has 7 speakers as opposed to five in the fit.

2009 Mazdaspeed 3: Pros: Going to try this tomorrow. This one is the highest on the macho meter. Sweet engine with not as great gas mileage. Very sporty and cool. I like the look, and the sound system is Bose! Awesome options too! Leather seats, great torque! This car looks like fun! 500$ graduate discount and low financing (I think it’s 2%) The price difference between the fit and this is actually not too huge…the interest makes a huge difference.

Cons: I always seem to go practical. The gas mileage concerns me as it is lower than my old car (the matrix is about the same, and the fit is better). The space in the back I think is going to be too small. I sometimes haul large gear across the province. I need room. I am concerned about the resale value because Ford is a partial designer of the car. Also there is no Mazda dealership where I live…I’m not sure how big of an issue that is.

I have ruled out smaller hatchbacks like the Yaris, and while I will try a Versa I think it will be ruled out as well. My friend has a Hyundai accent…probably should try it too. I want a new car because of the warranty. Last year I spent 3000$ on car repairs…I don’t want to deal with that again. I also do not want to buy an American car with the way things are going right now.

My price range goes up to about $25000 when all is said and done…and it might go higher still. I am waiting for adjuster to contact me with the dollar figure for my totaled car.

Thanks all! I am now an official car freak!