Help me buy a desktop PC

Please send $10 to …

No I don’t need the money, just kidding.

I need a desktop PC that has XP pro (full package, not an upgrade), minimum of 512mB/40GB and at least a CDRW/DVD. It also needs to have Office, so I can have Word and Excel.

My problem is that I can find all the specs at HP or Dell or even Gateway, but not with XP Pro.

What do I DO??!!??!!

The real kicker is I need it relatively quick. If I get them to upgrade the OS to Pro at one of the websites, it ships in about 2 weeks.

Any advice?


Have you checked the Dell Outlet Store? They have desktops in a variety of configurations, and they ship pretty quickly.

Yeah. And the ironic thing is they have “Dell recommends Windows XP Professional” emblazoned at the top of the page, but all of the PCs have home or media…


First of all, those are some pretty minimal requirements you have so just about any modern or reasonable used computer these days should do if that is really all you want. You can definetley get XP Pro from Dell. Companies do it all the time. I will see if I can find a new one.

Oddly, I just found some with your exact spec but you have to buy a lot of 20 for $6000

Ok, here you go. Look at the 2nd and 3rds ones and customize it.

I am an IT person. If like either of those, I can tell you the best options to pick. It still doesn’t need to be that expensive. You would be looking at $750 - $1000 for the whole system.

What is the difference between XP Pro with media and without media?

Why do you think that you need XP Pro? Do you have a specific application that needs it, or what?

Most machines are sold with the Home version of XP because most people find the extra features of XP Pro aren’t worth the extra money Microsoft charges for it.

I’m not sure I understand the difference between “XP Pro, full package, not an upgrade.”

No new machine will ship with the XP Pro “upgrade” only – that wouldn’t make sense.

Do you just mean you don’t want to install the upgrade yourself? 'Cause that’s what I’d suggest if you can’t get Pro on the system you prefer – just buy home and upgrade it. Once that’s been done, there’s no difference in the system between having “original” Pro and “upgraded” Pro except the media you need to re-install later. In fact, I strongly suspect that other than the check for an existing system, full and upgrade are the same installer.

I need to network with my companies LAN, which they require XP pro for… believe me my life would be easier if I could use Home.

My IT departmetn said there are some networking difficulties that may occur if I upgrade instead of go with the full load. What do I know? I asked them if they were sure…they said yes… :rolleyes:

This IT department says that it isn’t true. An upgrade is missing nothing. In fact, all an upgrade usually does is check if an earlier Windows version is detected and then it does a full install. There really isn’t any other way to do it. It isn’t like it can just recycle some roughly similar files from Windows ME to be thrifty or something.

I am still puzzled about the media versus nonmedia XP Pro versions. There is an XP Media version that is really XP Home with some flash added but it isn’t that. I am pretty certain, the the two XP Pro versions are for companies that want to allow flashy media things or just lock it down as a no nonsense workstation. I would get the one with media.

You do need XP Pro though if you want to set up a VPN or that type of networking. It is possible to get it working on XP Home with patches and hacks but it isn’t worth it.

I really don’t understand your problem. Every time that I’ve ordered from Dell, there’s always an option to switch your OS to XP Pro if you want it. When the new PC arrives, XP Pro is pre-loaded.

Yeah but it won’t ship until 7/25…I need it sooner than that… :frowning:

  1. Go in any computer store you choose.
  2. Look at basic systems because your requirements don’t seem to be very high.
  3. Add flashy stuff at your discretion.
  4. Either get them to put Pro on or by the upgrade pack and do it yourself (it really will work for reasons listed above).
  5. Install it.
  6. Lay on the coach and contemplate your superior problem solving abilities.

Best Buy is still open for a while longer. Shoo.

Yeah, what Shagnasty said.

IIRC, there used to be problems if you had XP Home installed and then upgraded in-place to XP Pro. TimeWinder is right though; if you do a clean install, the only difference with the upgrade CD is that it’ll want to check that you own a previous version of certain Microsoft OSs. (XP Home or 2k… perhaps a few others).

Your company IT Dept told you that you need XP Pro rather than XP Home to work on the LAN.
Your company IT Dept told you that your XP Pro must be a full original rather than an upgrade.

Both of these statements are untrue, AFAIK.

I’d conclude that your company IT Dept doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about (not that uncommon).

You may still have to go with what the IT Department demands.
But you will be better off knowing about their competance (or lack thereof).

As far as I know, Windows XP Home Edition can’t be added to a domain, so if that’s necessary, newcrasher’s IT department might actually be correct. On what basis are you saying otherwise,

Yeah - XP Home can’t be added to a domain, and lacks full NTFS permissions (well, it has them, but not the useful GUIs for them), among other things.

The upgrade thing is crap though. (Provided clean install, etc.etc, see previous posts)