Help me buy a used air hockey table.

So, we’re going to buy a used table hockey table. I found it in our local Trading Post magazine. It’s the full sized one and the lady who is selling it said that it was two years old.

We’re going to look at it on Tuesday night. We both know nothing about air hockey tables, except how to play. Are there any questions we should ask, or things to check before plunking down $200? e.g. how long do the motors normally last? etc. I feel like I’m buying a used car…


I have no idea how to answer any of your questions…but I’m incredibly jealous. I don’t know how many hours of my misspent youth were…well, misspent…pumping quarters into one of those damned things…

This makes me happy to think that my school has free pool, foosball, and air hockey for all students. But then it makes me sad to think that, in three and a half years, I will be desparately looking for one as you are to replace it.

Anyway, I can’t really offer much advice, but I agree with TheInterruptingCow in that I am extremely jealous!

Aw man, do I ever miss air hockey. I used to **rule **at that.