Help me choose a wireless cable router

Just need a little advice for home networking. Located in the UK, but presume hardware will be pretty consistent.
I have one desktop PC in an upstairs bedroom. Soon to have NTL cable modem installed downstairs. I’d like a nice wireless connection.
So, any suggestions for a suitable wireless router + PCI card/USB card etc. I heard that USB adapters tend to lose a large chunk of the signal, but what is your experience?

I found a couple that seem appropriate. Belkin or Netgear

As you should be able to tell, I haven’t a clue. Any pointers, gratefully received.

I’m a fan of Linksys myself. I have a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G router, along with a WUSB54G wireless USB adapter on my main computer (because I have no available PCI slots for a dedicated card) and a WPC54G PCMCIA card for my notebook. Everything works great, too, though I have to admit that both the PCMCIA card and the USB adapter do occasionally lose signal even though they’re usualy both within ten feet (open air) of the router. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but it does get annoying sometimes. (Only on occasion though) I don’t know if this is because both devices lack sufficient power to pick up the signal consistently, or if there’s some other device intruding on the 2.4GHz band causing interference. (My cordless phones are 5.8GHz, but I have Bluetooth devices in the area as well that operate on the same band, as well as a Linksys USB Bluetooth adapter that is always broadcasting too – maybe that’s it) I am considering buying a signal extender like a Cantenna just to see if reception stabilizes a little better.

I hate spontaneous afterthoughts.

Anyway, I just remembered that my router has a narrow selection of alternate frequencies on which to operate, so altering those might help stability, too.

I say this just in the possibiliy that you might also have a lot of wireless technology that may be potentially interfering with network signals.

I work in IT and I am a fan of Linksys as well. I have the same model router mentioned above and recommend it.

I would go with a PCI card if you can. You can mix brands bewteen the router and card if you need too.

Wireless USB adapters generally have worked fine for me. I’ve never heard about a problem with excessive signal loss specific to USB adapters vs other types. Linksys are good routers and I use one in my house. Having said this Linksys routers are not rated all that well in head to head comparisons re broadcast signal strength and coverage area vs some other routers.

I have a Linksys B/G standard wirelses router and the signal is very weak (and drops occasionally) at the far end of my moderately sized house. If I had it to do over again I would probably get one of the more advanced Linksys routers that tout much increased coverage area. These are standard B/G backwards compatible but are proprietary for the enhanced reception feature(s) are do require a more advanced compatible Linksys adapter on the PC end to utilize the enhanced signal.

Thanks for the responses folks. Will check out the Linksys devices.

Here are some links to NewEgg’s Linksys wireless routers and adapters. You can peruse these pics of the insides of the routers. I have not tried myself but I understand that with OpenWRT or dd-wrt you can quite easily get started running Linux on your router.

Good question, and appropriate as I’m about to do this myself.

But, I’ll follow this in IMHO which is better suited to getting opinions.