Help me choose an iPad, please

I have a very good friend. For decades I’ve not charged him for my time, because he’s a friend and we set up time outside of my normal working hours. Once or twice a year he gives me a “thank you gift” that I really appreciate, and he still makes out financially.

Ten years ago he gave me an iPad. I didn’t want one at the time (they were brand new) but I’ve used it every day since. It hasn’t updated in years, but I still can watch movies, etc.

So, this year he decided to give me a new iPad, but there are so many to choose from. He asked which one I want and I do not know. Help!!!

I love my iPad Pro. It’s got a nice, big screen, which I love to use for reading PDFs and digital publications - it’s about the size of an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, so it feels really natural reading it that way.

I went for the cheapest model. I thought “Who needs a cell connection when there’s WiFi”? I think that’s been born out - I usually have WiFi available, and when not, I can just use my iPhone as a hotspot. I also thought, “Even the smallest memory is more than I’m ever likely to need.” I realized that was a mistake when I ran out of memory and had to start deleting apps and PDFs to make room.

So, personally, I don’t think splurging for the cell-enabled model is worth it (although I don’t even know what the options are for that on new models), but splurging for the extra memory is totally worth it. Also, personally, I think the larger screen size for the Pro is totally worth it.

Thanks! Yeah, my current iPad doesn’t have cellular connectivity, but I could use my iPhone but never needed it.


I don’t know how much your friend intends to spend. The iPad 8, which is just the plain “iPad” should be great. I got the iPad 7 last year, and it is perfect for consuming media, playing some games, browsing, and some light typing. I know people who got an Apple pencil and use it for drawing, and others who got the keyboard and use it for word processing. This is all just the base model iPad for around $300.

The iPad Air, for around $550 is another great choice if you want to do things which require more processing power. I’ve seen reviews suggesting the Air is a better deal than the Pro, because it’s so capable, but cheaper.

I too wouldn’t bother with cell service. If you’re just consuming media you can pre-download from Netflix, etc., and you’ll almost certainly have a phone that can make a hotspot if wifi isn’t available.

I just ordered an iPad Air 4 WiFi 256 Gb to replace my iPad 6. The old one will go to one of my kids.

I need more than the default 64Gb and tether to my phone if required. I. find the Air is the performance/price sweet spot for my needs and in fact the Air 4 is the fastest iPad currently available.

I get why people are saying this. However, in the before times, I would often use my iPad cell service instead of paying for a hotel’s internet.

Easier than using my phone as a hotspot.

I’m on my 3rd IPad Mini. I buy them with the cell capability. It’s just big enough for me, easy to hold and type on. My wife’s regular-size IPad feels big and clunky to me.

Everything I was going to say and done better. The few times I need wi-fi, I too just hot spot to my iPhone. I also strongly endorse going for the most memory the traffic will bear-you won’t be sorry.

I have had and used both Pro and regular-sized iPads for 3 years. Because of the screen size the Pro is the first one I reach for. If I am leaving the house and smaller size for convenience and ease of transport factors in, then I grab the regular size ipad.

My side recommendations? Have a tempered glass screen cover put on professionally as soon as you take it out of the box, invest in the longest time period Apple Care (mine replaced iPads twice) and invest in a quality case for piece of mind.

So, I’ve been looking at all the suggestions here, not realizing that xmas is creeping up. I just got a text from my friend, explaining that he placed the order for an IPad Pro with 512 GB and no cellular.

He really knows me well. He even matched the color to my iPhone (which he gave me last year).

Wow, you have a very generous friend.

He’s a great guy, and a wonderful friend. But to put things in perspective, the iPad is around $1000.00, but if I charged him as a “normal client” my business would have been paid around $2,500.00 during 2020.

If he did not get me an xmas gift, he’d still be my friend and I’d still not charge for my time.