Help me choose my new phone number

I voted 6363–really easy to remember. I’m a synesthete, so I tend to pick numbers that have nice or easy to remember color patterns. This one isn’t the nicest (brown-yellow-brown-yellow) but it’s definitely easy to remember. 8842 and 8442 would work well for me too.

“Six double-0 seven” is great too.

You have to choose it based on the alpha equivalents of the telephone keypad

There aren’t any good combinations. I tried already. MEME and UGGA were pretty much the only ones.

8442… easy because 84 is double 42. And 42 is the answer to Life, The Universe, and EVERYTHING (including phone numbers).

6363 because it is my birth year. I miss my old 0102 number.

Okay, by popular vote and posters’ compelling arguments, I’ve narrowed it down to:
I like them all. Not sure how I’ll decide between them. I just hope one of these three numbers are still available in 3 1/2 hours when the poll closes.

I voted 6363 because it’s a repeater. I also like that the numbers are on the same column on the keypad for dialing.

OK, 'nother argument for 8442: 8/2=4… 4/2=2. It’s a logical progression.

OK, how’s this: if you don’t pick 8442, I’ll kick my dog!!

I’ll do it!

[sup]not really, but 8442 IS the best choice…[/sup]

My friend Chris’s cell phone is ###-SPIT, and of course that’s how he dictates it to people. This is a dude who owns an authentic coonskin cap, so …