Help me choose my new phone number

Which number is the best for the last 4 digits of a new phone number? I have a terrible memory and want the easiest one to remember. This poll has a short life span because I want to claim my number before it’s taken.

Are you kidding? One with “007” in it? No brainer.

That one is pretty near the top of my list.

There was also a 5015 that I could have added to the poll, too. Too late now. I don’t want to screw up my highly scientific results.

I second this, especially if you’re having a memory problem. :wink:

I chose 6363… an easy repeater, double number, and a number of other things that jump out at me to make it easy to remember.

6007 is my second choice.

6363 would be great if you were a doctor or from Maryland, because it spells MDMD.
Or from North Dakota, because it’s NDND.
It would be great if your exchange were 255, because then your phone number would be ALL-OF-ME.

It was a few years after I got my work phone number that I noticed that the last four digits are OHIO. I had wondered why I occasionally got phone calls directed to the Ohio Secretary of State – his office has a phone number ending in OHIO as well, so that it’s not all that different from mine.

Unfortunately the 3-digit exchange doesn’t spell anything, but it’s easy to remember.

My husband used to own a '67 Olds Cutlass 442, so the 8442 number is somewhat memorable to me, but probably not to anybody I’d be giving the number to.

My old dorm room phone number was 688-6888. Best number EVER.

One of my friends got a phone call from the people who had her old dorm number. They informed her that they remembered it because it spelled OUT-ANUS.

my old cell number was 303 0330.
It was so fekkin awesome.

And then when Mr. Ujest went to get me my new phone, because I don’t like to be involved in these kinda things with him all I said was, " I don’t care what phone you get me * just keep the same number* "

He didn’t.

I knew a guy whose phone number was LOW-BLOW. Easy to remember!

I voted for “007”. :slight_smile:

I picked 8442, it’s the last four digits of my cell phone number. I picked it because it seemed easy to remember and it is!

When I got my number that I use now, the rep figured I wouldn’t want one on the list that was mostly 6’s and ended in 666. I snapped it up so quick it made her head spin. 360 degrees.

I can beat that one. 934-5678. A friend of mine got the same dorm room I had a few years later, and had the same number. It was incredibly easy to remember! Great room too. One of the few square rooms in that dorm.

Of your options, I went with the 6363 number.

My wife’s phone number dialed with DTMF tones plays mary had a little lamb clear as anything. I may forget her phone number, but I instantly know if it sounds wrong.

I’ll never forget her sister Jenny’s though: 867-5309

Didn’t I see her number on a wall?

I meant 6363. Sorry.

I’m in a minority with 8048 but I think it was a nice flow to it (“eighty-forty-eight”) which would make it easy to recall.

You did, you did see her number on a wall.
For a good time, for a good time call
eight six seven - five three oh nine.

You didn’t mean my wife, right?

Oh God damn it! I voted before reading the responses. If I had realized this, I would have voted this way. Damn it.