Help me clear my DVR! (Again)

We finally got through American Horror Story but now have 5 - 10 episodes DVR’ed of:

Once Upon a Time

Anybody have a recommendation of shows we should dump?

I don’t watch Alcatraz, but I do watch the other three.

Once Upon A Time is pretty good. You should definitely give it a chance.

**Grimm **is okay. More of a weekly cop procedural with supernatural beings, as opposed to the very serial storytelling of Once Upon A Time.

Smash would be my choice to dump. It has it’s moments but it’s losing me fast.

Never watched Smash, but I like all of the other three.

I would definitely NOT dump OUAT, that’s probably the best of the three that I’ve seen.

I like Alcatraz quite a bit, but it’s got its haters out there. Sort of a Prison Break (season 1) meets Lost vibe (about half of each show is flashbacks), and I really liked both of those shows.

Grimm I usually watch a few weeks after the fact on On Demand as it’s on against Fringe and Supernatural so I can’t DVR a third show. Since I’m behind, I don’t usually get to see what other people think of it as I avoid discussions to prevent spoilers. I like it, but of the three shows you list that I watch, it’s probably the one I’d place last.

I’m in full agreement with TBG.

I agree with the trend.

Smash lost me after 2 episodes.

All of the other 3 are pretty good, and are on my “looking forward to watching them” list, not my “I’ll watch them if there’s nothing else interesting” list.