Grimm -- (half) season 6 will be the last

At least they know and can plan for it.
Starts Jan 6.


Boooo. Sleepy Hollow, that I would understand.

Fun little show but I can live with it, especially since they can plan the finish. It was weird how Renard suddenly turned evil and I was not looking forward to yet another baby.

I’m glad they know ahead of time, hopefully they can wrap things up satisfactorily. Things that need to be dealt with:

Evil Renard
evil (?) Diana
Adalind and Kelly
Eve, or is it Juliette again?
The Stick of Healing
Monroe and Rosalee’s baby

I’ve enjoyed the show, but it might be for the best. (Other than that I’d prefer a full season). Anyway, things keep piling up in this show with no real resolution. Perhaps 13 episodes to finish it off will tighten the writing and resolve all those lingering threads

If they ignore the monster of the week they could cover a lot of ground.

Have they already been filming the new season? I’m guessing they have.

“And then Wu woke up.”

I’ve got a “final season of LOST” feeling about this. I hope they can pull it off.

Not thrilled with the “Reynard as Big Bad Evil” bit. Would prefer him being the good guy mayor with Nick and team as his muscle to deal with the remains of Black Claw and the Royals.

It feels out of character to me also. I could see him as a double agent (pretending to be for BC in order to destroy it) but as it is now I don’t like it (I don’t hate it though)


I thought it had already been strongly hinted that Renard is, indeed, a double agent.

I always read it more like Renard has his own agenda, and it isn’t necessarily that of the Resistance, Hadrian’s Wall, the Royals/Verrat, or Black Claw.

I don’t think that I would have batted an eye if NBC had decided to bring the show to an end after a sixth full season, but going to the trouble of cutting the episode order down like they did seems a little strange. It’s still a reasonably effective anchor show for one of the crappiest nights in television, so why not ride it a few episodes longer? Not that I’m going to be overly heartbroken. As long as Bree Turner nabs another nice starring role, I think that I can live with no more Grimm.