Grimm, Season 4

Season premiere is tonight!

So, what will happen to Nick without his powers? And will Trouble (in whatever lame-ass fashion they’re spelling her name) step up to the plate.

And will they finally bring Wu in on the secret?

I’ve been looking forward to this! I wonder how long Nick will be in this state.

There’s gotta be some uncomfortable questions coming Nick’s way since an FBI agent was found decapitated in his house.

So far so good on the dead FBI agent – and it looks like Wu is going to get in on the action.

Omigod, though, Reynard is dead? Do you think he really is or is he going to come back from the dead? (And if you know something about the show’s casting – i.e., whether Sasha Ruiz [is that his name? I can’t even check lest I see something I don’t want to] is or isn’t going to be on this season – pls. don’t spoil it for me!)

I have no idea, but I’m thinking he’s not dead. Who was the blond woman at the hospital when he died?

That octopus wesen was weird. Interesting that the FBI woman is a wesen and she saw the books in Nick’s house.

I think it’s definitely time they let Wu know the truth. He’s gonna be pissed, though.

Reynard isn’t dead yet. The teaser for next week suggests the blonde is another hexenbiest, possibly not as evil as Adalind, and I suspect she will be the key to fixing both the Captain’s flatline and Nick’s eye problem.

ETA: that is my speculation, not a spoiler. YMMV.

ETA2: I love the idea of Juliet going all pseudoGrimm on Adalind…

I don’t know he protocol in these threads, but is it possible to spoil teaser information with a TEASER warning above the spoiler box? I purposely avoid the teasers. I prefer to be spoiled as the story unfolds, not a week in advance.

Do you know what Grimms use to cook their French fries? Wesen oil.

That out of the way, I liked what the appear to be developing. We all know that Nick will get his powers back, but I find Trubel a very interesting character.

It’s a little silly to have Nick saying how hard it is to adjust to not being a Grimm. He’s only been doing it three years.

I’ve never been a big fan of the hero losing his powers and then we have to wait, wait, wait until they get them back. Oh, well.

I can’t believe they went to bed without cleaning up the blood first. Granted, the floor’s probably ruined anyway, but letting it soak there overnight sure isn’t going to help.

Looks like the writers have Mommy issues. The mystery blonde is his mother, and durned good looking for her age. “She’s had some work done…”

Giving Renard that jump start with the two headed snake was a bit much.

Trubel gets kidnapped by the FBI steinadler chick. Wonder where that will go…

Ha! Fuck you, Adalind! Uh oh, are we going to get an Adalind/Nick body-swap situation?

Trubel’s had a rough week.

They keep stretching out the Wu situation.

I was hoping for a more Halloween appropriate episode, like the “La Llorona” episode a couple of years ago. Still, I enjoyed it.

Two episodes, it’s not exactly an excruciating stretch on bringing in Wu – though I’ll agree if they don’t tell him next week. Really don’t see how they can continue to not tell him now, esp. after Nick had that spell.

And how stupid was Adelind to just go down in the dungeon with the evil brother? I mean really.

My guess – Reynard’s mom will fix Nick, and he’ll go rescue Trubel.

I hope they don’t draw this whole “no powers Nick” think on for much longer. You know he’s getting them back at some point (not a spoiler, just common sense) so just get to it sooner rather than later.

I don’t understand why the octopus guy needed to perform the memory-suck on Trubel in order to realize that she’s a Grimm. Hasn’t it already been established that the Wesen can tell simply by looking into a Grimm’s eyes? Or was he just too distracted by everything that was going on?

The Wesen can only do that when they “woge” which is when we see them show their true face. Trubel conspicuously closed her eyes when octopus guy started attacking her, so when he woged he couldn’t see her eyes so he couldn’t tell that she was a Grimm.

To nick not having his powers a while, he is wielding a two handed axe on imdb with sinister eyes. Maybe they end up going to rumble with the royals and he gets his powers some mid season climax. Then they til end out into deling with his mom again for the kid and Adeline.

Welcome to cloud atlas

Yeah I’m bored with it. I’ve never really like the losing your powers stories.

Truble wasn’t quite so annoying for a little while but now she’s back to being an annoying teen. Maybe the kidnappers will kill her. :slight_smile:

Why is the FBI agent after a grimm?

She’s one of those bird wessen - she saw the Grimm encyclopedia’s - she likely wants to know if the dead agent was wessen, etc.

She vogued in front of Nick - no response - so she assumes truble is the Grimm - and something about the chess piece got her attention as well.

Not exactly something you can ask in a standard interview room.

I was afraid I’d already forgotten something important. So the dead rogue FBI agent was working for the royal family? Is the bird wessen also working for the family? She was talking to someone on the phone about it.

dead agent was absolutely working for/with the royal family - we don’t yet know the alliances of the new agent.