I really liked it. I didn’t even realize it was filmed here in Portland until I watched it and the local news advertised a behind the scenes look. We didn’t see a lot of Juliet. I’m wondering if she will play the damsel in distress in future episodes or whether she will disappear, so he can be the Grimm. From previews, it appears the Big Good Wolf will be a regular. I really liked him; he had the best lines, paraphrased: “You’re paying for that window.” “I can’t predict what I’ll do. I might be on your side. I might be on his side. I might go after the little girl.”

The first episode was actually decent.

It features 2 terrific supporting characters:

Kate Burton as Nick’s aunt, who is a “blutbad” fighter and starts to tell Nick all about his heritage before being attacked and put into a coma

and Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, a reformed werewolf who helps Nick.

Anyone see it? Whatyda think?

Somewhat interesting start. But if the entire theme has been revealed in this episode it’s all depending on the charismatic quality of the actors, and I didn’t see much of that. Agreed the BGW is a good character. Great exchange: Grimm-“You go to church?” Wolf-“Yes, don’t you?”

It was a bit of a stock story with stock characters, but I really liked the way it looked – I thought it was shot gorgeously, and I think just that element is going to keep me entertained for a few episodes. And who knows, perhaps it’ll find its feet by then, too, and become worth watching for content as well.

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[nonmod]Watched it and enjoyed it quite a bit. There was a point about halfway into the show where I was thinking “oh geez, is it just going to be creepy/scary?” (I don’t particularly care for creepy/scary), but I think the overall tone is marvelous, kind of respectfully tongue in cheek. I think this could turn out to be the only new show that becomes a weekly treat for me. [/nonmod]

It was OK, although a little predictable. I’m doubtful the writers can sustain this as an ongoing series, though.

Not just a “blutbad”, a monster fighter. The blond chick is a different kind of monster (they had the name in the book, but I don’t remember it). I don’t think the “Reaper of Grimms” was a blutbad (or whatever the correct spelling is) either. Blutbad just refers to “the big bad wolf” of the Little Red Riding Hood stories.

Hmmm, my wife and I have red hoodies. I wonder if I should get her to start wearing it again…:cool:

I want to like it, as it was filmed here, but am sick to death of werewolves, zombies, vampires, etc. Maybe I’ll try it on demand and see what’s what. On the plus side Prime Suspect was new this week. Huzzah!

We caught this, and “Once Upon A Time” earlier in the week.
I like Grimm so far - interesting to have a Good Bad Wolf (the crazy guy from Prison Break) and he will be a fun sidekick.
Will have to see how this goes, but the atmosphere was really good and for a pilot episode, it set things up quickly.

The Druidess and I watched and enjoyed it. The “Mr. Rogers as a mailman/werewolf” bit was pretty creepy, and police procedure is largely ignored. No, cops are generally not allowed to shoot a fleeing suspect in the back, nor can they just go kicking in doors without anything approaching probable cause. Still, it was a fun romp, and therefore makes the DVR list.

For those who have seen this and Once Upon a Time, would you recommend one over the other, neither, both?

Both have started off pretty good - I would say Once Upon A Time has started off a bit slower - and is taking its time to build characters, but could be interesting this next show. Grimm started off with a bang and set it up far faster.
Still - for me the verdict is out, but will continue to watch both.

The blond chick was a “hexenbiest”. Love all the German overtones-- the Hummel figurines, even the plural form of Blutbad is Blutbaden. And mow the Eurhythmics are my new earworm.

I liked it, but it seems like it’s just another Buffy. Not that that’s bad but i can’t tell what the difference between a Grimm and a Slayer is supposed to be.

It was OK enough to bring me back–but it is up against local re-re-reruns of Are You Bring Served?, and *nothing *will keep me from Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy.

I liked it, but I’m concerned that NBC put it on Fridays. Isn’t that usually a bad sign?

I’d forgotten it was on and had to hulu it in the middle of this thread. It was pretty good, although I quickly grew tired of the BOO SURPRISE in what seemed like very single segment. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. I’ll watch it again, but probably have to hulu it, as I’ll never remember to watch Friday nights.

Mitchell was really the only good thing about the show. It wasn’t Terra Nova bad, but it was dull, with nothing about it anything more than workmanlike until Mitchell came along. He’s really the only character with any life in him.

The villain was pretty tedious and about as scary as a bar of soap.

It also seemed criminally stupid of the aunt not to tell the main character anything about his background. She raised him for years (I assume his parents were killed by a monster) and never thought to mention the facts of his origin?

I also suspect his girlfriend will end up being hostage of the week.

I’ll give it another shot – this may be just pilot-itis – but I’m not hopeful. I was not particularly impressed by Once Upon a Time, but at least the script tried to do something clever instead of recycling Buffy the Vampire Slayer without the wit or good writing.

I turned it off after maybe the first ten minutes? The cliche of never telling the children until the last minute that they are genetically enhanced demon killers or vampire hunters always annoys me. The last sentence I heard was “She was mom from the time I was twelve” or some such silliness. All those years and not even a hint? How irresponsible is that?

Yes. Friday is being called by some advertising people as the “New Saturday” in terms of delivering the 18-34 demo.

I liked it.