Not nuts about the overall “biology is destiny” theme.

I liked it a lot - far better than Once Upon a Time, although I’ll certainly continue giving the latter a try.

I don’t find movie monsters or gore particularly scary or enjoyable. Hate slasher movies; most horror movies leave me cold. But I’m a complete sucker for atmospherics. It’s been twenty years, yet I’m still made a bit uneasy by a shot of a hanging traffic light swaying in the wind at night, or an owl hooting, or wind rushing through Douglas Firs. That’s all from Twin Peaks.

As far as I’m concerned, Grimm is off to a good start. And I too really like the ‘civilized’ blut bad. I find the lead character overly goodlooking, but Kyle Mclaughlin isn’t young enough any more (and was overly goodlooking too) and, besides, the lead character here (Nick?) seems to be the straight man.

Yeah, foolsguinea, the “biology is destiny” theme is a bit overdone, but so is the “built himself up from nothing on the basis of his exceptional ability” theme. The fact is, humans are wired to see cause and effect, and in fiction, we demand some kind of explantion for why a given person is exceptional. In the real world, whatever other qualities are required, random luck (i.e. being in the right place at the right time) seems to play a big part in things, but in America, we prefer not to acknowledge that very much (how many times do you hear ‘everything happens for a reason’?). It’s much easier, for example, to dismiss poor people if we assume that they are poor because they lack merit.

Boy, Claire Coffee is in practically everything these days! She’s on Franklin & Bash, she’s in every other commercial out there, and she’s on this show, too. Not that I’m complaining, of course; she’s pretty cute.

I liked both.

I thought the pilot to Grimm was better, but I think the show Once Upon a Time has more potential because they’re developing the story slowly and most of the characters are more interesting.

Also, while Silas Weir as the reformed Blutbad is fantastic as is the lady who plays his aunt and Sasha Roiz, the captain, so far the lead actor is really uncompelling and IMHO a bad casting choice.

Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it works out.

I’m curious about the different types of creatures - do they each have separate agendas / internal politics?

The reformed (or whatever sect he was) blubad was definitely the standout character for me.

I like Once Upon a Time as well – probably a little less, but I’m giving both a chance. Also wondering if that will have other bad guys besides the evil witch / mayor and Rumplestiltskin / Mr Gold. (not counting the wolf in the road)


It did have many ‘Buffy’ moments. The weapons, the demons, the side kick who is mortal etc…I’ll watch it again if I remember.

I enjoyed it. It was nothing particularly special, but it looks like it could have potential. Or that it could get very bad. The pilot was good enough that I’ll watch the next one, and I can be a bit picky with TV.

If he never developed the “family abilities”, then why would the aunt say anything? “Oh yes, there are demon and werewolves and all sorts of nasty creatures all around us. No, you can’t see them for what they really are, but I can!”

I’m sure “immediate acceptance of the story” is the first thing that would have come to his mind.

I liked it quite a bit, reminded me of Buffy but without the Scooby Gang and snappy dialogue.

Started off okay, but spiraled downward, IMO. The police procedural part of it was completely laughable, and the plot devices used to set up the two guys going to the house were just stupid: “I cried wolf once; why would they believe me again?” Er…because you’re a cop calling for backup? And the suspect beats them up a little, so he gets several bullets in the back? Not likely. Is this guy a homicide detective or a missing persons detective? Why was he called to the missing child scene? I really hate illogical leaps.

So the aunt shows up with her trailer and parks it in the yard. Tom Cruise clone nephew shows up at home not long after. That evening, he goes out to the trailer and it’s full of bottles, chachkis, books, lamps, books and other crap all sitting out on tables like it’s all been there for weeks. If anybody tried to tow a trailer with all that shit sitting out, it would look like a bomb went off inside.

Summation: doesn’t look like week after week of morphing monsters, foggy scenes and really shaky police action can sustain my interest. I did like the shots of Portland, however.

I will keep watching for a few episodes just for the production design. I thought the outside scenes in particular were gorgeous.

The only actors I found particularly charismatic were the Good Wolf and Auntie Slayer.

I saw this show hyped big time (watching the DVR on high speed thru commercials, I picked it out) and gave it a go. I really liked it! I’m hoping the lead grows into his role but I liked the supporting characters quite a bit.

Not too scary for this weenie but just suspenseful enough.

Pretty much my reaction. Plus the fact that other than being able to occasionally see which people are monsters, he not only doesn’t seem to have any special powers, he seems kind of inept even by normal standards (I guess that’s supposed to be part of his boyish charm).

Looks like he’ll blunder into some sticky situation each week, and blunder out of it by the end of the hour. Pass.

I haven’t seen either show and I’d like to. I’m just curious about the similarity to the Fables comic book, and the fact that a Fables pilot was shot a few years ago. Coincidence? Since we’re talking Hollywood I’m guessing not.

I couldn’t get past the terrible acting. When the main character sees an evil face and you can’t even tell what his reaction is supposed to convey, you have a problem.

I also was laughing at the aforementioned scene where he blows a guy away for knocking him down, and doesn’t get into any trouble at all because later they found out “he was a bad guy?” What? Also, didn’t the guy just hit him across the face with a scythe? Wouldn’t that…leave a mark?

I was also unimpressed with the lead actor (not cute enough to make me not care about the lack of personality), but I liked it enough to keep my TiVo season pass for now.

She knew that he’d get the family abilities at the time of her death. She’d been seriously ill – and known it – for months before she finally came to talk to him, so I’m in the “WTF” camp on this one.

I wasn’t particularly happy with the show but he shot the guy who was attacking his aunt. The shots of her in the hospital show considerable abuse. I think saying he shot him for knocking him down is missing the motivation.

We’re talking about the second guy, who abducted the child.

*Grimm *seems a lot closer to *Buffy *and Angel, unsurprisingly given David Greenwalt as a co-creator. ABC’s *Once Upon a Time *was the one I suspected might be a *Fables *rip-off, but they seem to be going in a different (simpler) direction. *Once Upon a Time *will also benefit from being on a Disney-owned network… Willingham could never have called one of his bad witches Maleficent, for instance.

I liked this a lot better than Once Upon a Time. Ugh. Maybe it’s because I love the original Grimm fairytales so much, but Once Upon a Time really annoyed me. I mean, the fairytale book included Alice in Wonderland! WTF?

Anyway. I’m willing to keep watching Grimm. It is a bit ridiculous, but it was an entertaining kind of ridiculous.