Help me come up with a catchy name for Blood Splatter

I will be giving a blood splatter wet lab for a student convention next year. {In this context, a wet lab is one in which the participants do something with their hands rather than just sit and listen to a talk.}
I will be giving a little talk on the physics of blood splatter. Next, each student will get their own sample to measure/analyze. The final part is a “crime scene” in which the students will need to measure the splatter patterns on the walls and floor to come up with a story about how the blood got there and determine if the “eye-witness” description of what went down is supported by the evidence.

Even if none of the students ever actually uses the information (it’s for veterinary students, not crime scene technicians) the conference organizers thought it would be a fun and interesting time.

What is tripping me up is that the organizer has asked if I can come up with a catchy name, not Blood Splatter Analysis Wet Laboratory. All I can come up with are things that sound like bad film noir titles like: The Truth is Written in Blood.

Any ideas?

Splatter Matters?

How about ‘blood dispersion’ or ‘blood dispersal’?

Blood Will Tell.

There Will Be Blood.

(Look, it’s accurate, isn’t it?)

I don’t have a name for you, yet. But I’m confused about your post.

Huh? What, are there who veterinarians investigate why Fluffy the cat was brought in with a head wound or something?

“Hmmm, Mrs. Johnson. You said Fluffy fell down the stairs, but our evidence suggests you hit her on the head with this fireplace poker on step number three.”

Dunno, but I hope you find a way to incorporate Dexter into all this.

Yes, it’s for veterinary forensic medicine. And, just like the kid with multiple broken bones and the story that he’s clumsy and fell down the stairs, the injuries on an animal can either be consistent with the history or not.

Much more typically, it’s more along the lines of: “It was self-defense, I had to shoot my neighbor’s dog because he was attacking me.”

If the dead dog has wounds that indicate that the bullet entered his back half and exited his front half, then the story of the shooter being attacked is not very credible, and it is more likely the dog was shot as it was running away.

Wow. That should totally be a new TV show: CSI - Veterinary Clinic, starring Neil Patrick Harris.

Applied Kinetic Hematology

Why not go with one of the classics? A Study in Scarlet.


Red Rover, Come Over?

Dexter: Animal Edition.

“Yes, blood splatter analysis is a real job”

Splorks for Dorks?
Squirt Guns vs Gun Squirts?
Drips & Slabs?
The Red Pool?
Hob Globins?
Finding Hemo?
R H Messies?
Black-Light for Sober People?
The Splitter-Splatter of Little Feet?
Becoming Stew?
Salsa Dancing and Other Wall Painting?
From Warm to Chili at 1200 Feet Per Second?
The Accidental Muralist?

I’d be tempted to work ‘Rorschach’ somewhere in there.

Learn More About Gore

Bloodbath at the slaughterhouse of death; Blood Splatter Analysis wet lab.

Interior Decorating 101, the John Carpenter technique.

Dexter’s Laboratory.