Help me come up with a catchy name for Blood Splatter

Splatter Patter
Slaughterhouse 101
Blood Simple
Blood Without Guts
No, It’s not a Jackson Pollock Painting
Blood Will Tell
Splish Splash in a Real Blood Bath
My Bloody Study Time
Sunday Bloody Sunday (if it’s held on a Sunday)
Bloody Study Buddies
Dexter Lives
Be a Dexter, Not a Poindexter
Get Some Blood on Your Hands

Thanks everybody. Some very good choices.

Personally, “Blood Splatter Analysis Wet Laboratory” would be catchy enough to get me to sign up!

“Jackson Pollock for Vampires”
“Spatter Patter”
“Red Drops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”

Make sure to come back and let us know the final title, OP. You owe us!

Hema Lobbin’
Vet Pets Wet Jet Sets
The Scarlet Blood-letter
Shot Spot Drops

The symposium organizers named it for me. Splatter Matters:dubious:

If only someone here would have thought of that…

“Welcome to the Hemo Demo…”

Your name is Matters?

…with Jerry Matters as ‘The Cleaver’…

What is the difference between “Splatter” and “Spatter”? Anyone know? They seem like exact synonyms to me, so why do we need them both if there’s just one letter’s difference between them?

Hemosplat, a Wet Lab.

More connotation than denotation - Spatter feels less like getting firehosed. :stuck_out_tongue: