Help Me Come Up with A Domain Name for a Charity

I was asked to provide technical assistance for a charity that provides free pediatric heart surgery and follow-up care for children from third world and developing countries. They’re putting on a concert and the website is specifically for the show. Ideally I’m looking for something short/easy to remember/cute? Its kinda urgent and will likely be done today so any advice you can provide would be most helpful.


What’s the name of the charity?

Who’s playing in the concert? What kind of music?

Does the concert itself have any title for promotional purposes? Maybe not. :rolleyes:

The name of the charity is save a child’s heart. Their international website is located @ for anyone interested. The concert is featuring an artist named Liel, though her name doesn’t need to appear in the domain.

The best I can come up with thus far is but that seems kinda long, no?

oops, Liel’s link got broke, she’s @ Http://

Thank you Celine Dion!

I’m not entirely comfortable with the legal ramifications of borrowing celine’s song title…but punny idea nonetheless :slight_smile:

Anything wrong with

The domain exists, and you won’t be messing around with having to figure out a new intelligible domain name, paying off the [del]jerk[/del] person’s that’s [del]holding it for ransom[/del] squatting on it, and waiting for its registration to go through.

Agreed. Or

‘Cute’? When did you personally describe another website’s URL as ‘cute’? Or for that matter ‘short’?

Easy to remember, you’ve got a good point there. But what you want them to remember is the charity, surely? If it’s an event to raise money for Save A Child’s Heart, using their URL will make it more memorable than, sorry to be harsh,

And what will you do *after * your heart goons? :wink:

Not saying it’s a good idea, not saying you should, but song *titles *are not copyrightable.

how about,really!.com


Be very careful with running a whois check with potential domain names. There are several unscrupulous registrars that have monitoring programs in place. If there are several checks against the same potential domain name within a sort period of time, a bot will automatically register that name with a broker before you every get the chance to register it for yourself.