Anyone want to help me choosing a domain name?

I’m looking for a domain name that I can use as an umbrella for various projects that I get involved in; these include productions for radio, short films, graphics/artwork, audio-visual materials, live audio/video mixing etc.

It may be a tall order, but I’m looking for something fairly short, snappy and memorable; for the radio projects, for example, I was surprised to see that something as short as was still available, but I need something that covers more than just the radio.
Really needs to be .com, but I’ll consider alternatives, if they’re outstanding names.
Anyone want to help? (BTW, I’m looking for suggestions that have actually been checked for availability - sites like have a domain availability checker).

Maybe not short enough. lostglovesarts. com

For something that varied you’re not likely to get an umbrella term that hasn’t already been taken. I’d say your best bet is to just take a noun that sounds intelligent/smart/snazzy and stick it with some completely unrelated but equally funky adjective.

Rules to follow;

  • short words
  • nothing that might be tricky or ambiguous to spell, no unusual spellings
  • no hyphens!
  • something that lends itself to a nice visual logo.
  • humour is good, humour is memorable. As long as it’s not so dumb that it casts doubt on your professionalism.

Animals are always a good noun and with radio and graphics something like a parrot would be good; talks, is colourful.

So, something like;
(my favourite, says it all, with a little bit of alliteration.)

etc… You get the idea.
(Deadparrot would be very, very, very lame.)

I always thought about [a mix of imagination and elation], but that might be too out-there for you.

Both and are available…

dang! Someone already snagged

it’s just an umbrella company/organisation; the name doesn’t have to be descriptive of the output (which is likely to change over time anyway - I’m thinking of something along the thoughtlines of Rubber Chicken Productions (but obviously not exactly that, as it belongs to soneone else)

Thanks for the suggestions though; parrot would be good, as it would make a good logo… although perhaps a chicken/cockerel type image would work…

You might want to try and compete for the longest domain name in the world.


how about (you have to spell O.R.G when you say the domain name)

Then you can have an email of Mangetout at a dirty roman orgy

Kinetic Chicken Productions ?

Trouble is the double c in (available) is available

Artistic Phoenix Productions

as are,, and

Hmmm… still nothing leaping out at me

Big (and have your logo be a rooster.)




Five Fingers.

I haven’t checked to see if they are still open.

I’d say keep it short. My domain name is (for the one person that doesn’t know it)
I would agree with you that the name does NOT necessarily have to relate to the type of business.
Think of Does it have anything to do with female warriors or jungle rivers?
And has nothing to do with Boris Karloff, the wolfman or even Aileen Woronos (sp?)
Just speaking off tthe cuff I’d say one word domain names are ALL taken. A few years ago I tried to find a word that wasn’t taken and could only find “” - wow that’s a catchy domain name. (Needless to say I didn’t register it).

sheesh, this is like comin’ up with new band names… :smiley:

Catchy, simple, and available! Better get this before the hip-hop crowd does. is still open. :wink:

Totally useless but I can’t resist. :smiley:

Thanks for the replies so far folks; they don’t have to be glove/Mangetout/butter related (in fact it helps if they aren’t).

I was thinking about maybe - it would make a really nice logo.

NeonSnail is a good logo, but gives - if I may say -the image that you are slow.

Howzabout Neon Rabbit or Neonbunny. or something similarly fast.

Or just plain humorous: neonchicken, neonpenguin, neonbucket,neonrainbow,neonpineapple…etc
Let us know!