Domain name idea for digital artist.

I’m not completely certain that this is the correct forum (I thought about the art aspect when posting here), so please feel free to move the post if I am mistaken.

I’m looking for a better domain name than the one I currently own for digital artwork. The name should be catchy and represent the CGI world of art, and should be available as a domain name, much preferred as a .com. I am currently using (it’s non functional at the moment–probably won’t be up for several months), but am not completely sold on it and wanted to get some thoughts before I committed to a site name. I figured you guys could really help with something like this and I greatly appreciate your thoughts.

So, any ideas for a killer domain name for an accomplished 3d artist? It can represent an organization or a single person.

Or, if you just happen to like the one I am currently using, and think I shouldn’t change it, that’s fine as well. I’d just like to know what your thoughts are.