Help me come up with a domain name

I want to buy a domain name and set up a personal website that will have my graphic design portfolio, my writing, random art I make, etc (the portfolio and the personal stuff will be very very separate). I just can’t think of what to call it.

My graphic stuff is called Lydean Works. The last time I had a website it was Silvercat’s Menagerie. I know I don’t want either of those, nor my full name. Something with Lydean would be good though.

You all think of things I never would, help me out, please?

How about MixoLydean Works? (Play on the word mixolydian) Or Lydean Mode (Lydian Mode)?

There is a difference between the name of your venture, and the domain name. I would have the domain name be as short as simple as possible. e.g. if you are going to sell things, or if you’re not planning on selling things. (I still like the divisions of using .com for commercial sites and .org for non-profit sites).

Does Lydean mean something in particular to you? I need more info to come up with some names.

Be careful how much you share before you actually register a domain name, and make sure you register the domain name you choose with a reputable registrar. Some registrars deliberately automatically register domain names you are searching for just to extract a premium from you before you actually attempt to register that name.

Lydean is my first name, or rather what I’m eventually going to change my first name to. (I go by it, but it’s not official).

Will do and thanks.

How do you pronounce it? LYE-dean? Liddie-un?

Yeah, this happened to me. I think GoDaddy is a reputable player.

I like 1and1 cause they give free private domain registrations. They are having a sale on them now. Free .com domains for the first year

Anyway, when dealing with an domain name, always try to get the .com version

Make sure the name can be spelled out without any (or too much) ambiguity

For instance a domain name like Mark4You could be MarkForYou or Mark4U or Mark4U

Too much ambiguity there.

It should be straightforward. I’d go with lydean and you could also get lydeanworks and redirect one to the other. Really at $8.00 year it’s a bargain

You could go buy from DOM Partners. But only if they decide not to donate it to PETA.

Google domain name generator, you input your word and it comes up with several permutations of that name.

Also I would advise that your register your domain separately from your host, at some point you might want to switch and find out that they actually own the name.


It appears that is available.

Curses! Foiled again!

Yeah, that happened to my mom, which is why I’ll never let the host register for me.

The latter. It’s Lydia with an ‘n’ on the end. I was tired of being called Linda. I don’t know how people go from Lydia to Linda, but they do. All the time. Now they say Ly-dean which is at least phonetic.
So anybody got suggestions for the name? I’d prefer to evoke ideas of creativity, and diversity. Unfortunately, I’m not musical in anyway, so unfortunately needscoffee’s ideas don’t really fit.