Help me come up with a possibly too-ambitious Cinco de Mayo dish

Hi folks.

I’m going to a Cinco de Mayo thing tonight and, having been chuckling over the related Facebook memes (“you’re not allowed to celebrate if you’ve been chanting ‘build that wall’”), thought it might be silly/fun to come up with some sort of dish made to ‘represent’ the wall.

My thought is that the dish would have three components - the wall itself and something on either side. I was thinking a nice salsa on one side and maybe, like, a beer/cheese dip on the other. I’m not married to either idea.

But what would a decent wall be made of? I need something that can make a freestanding, wall-shaped stack/pile. All three components need to go well together.

My alternate idea was to do fruit salad, making the wall out of cubed chunks of watermelon and doing a mango-based salad on one side and maybe an apple-based one on the other. I hate cutting Watermelon, though, and that’s when I’m not trying for structural integrity.

Here’s the kicker, though. I’ll only have a few hours to shop and prep.

Dopers, go!

Use cardboard or something to build a hollow wall. Fill it with chips.

ETA: Bonus - you can add the inevitable graffiti to the wall while you’re doing it.

Graham cracker wall in the middle, marshmallow fluff and melted chocolate on either side?

Make the wall from sliced jicama. Refried beans on one side, all of the good stuff on the other side.

Mexicorn on one side, all the good stuff on the other.

This. And then on one side have dips, and also paraphernalia decorations representing drugs, hookers, criminals. On the other side have something orange – perhaps peeled and sectioned navel oranges.

Ranch dip and salsa with a line of pretzel sticks for the wall.