Help me compile a list of anti-gay crusaders caught in gay scandals

Most recently of course is George Alan Rekers (see Pit Thread) but there are so many others I’d love to have a run down. I’m hoping to make a “hypocritical asswipe on gay issues” (with a nicer name) Categories list for wikipedia if they’ll allow it) since it’s a lot more to the point than just a LGBT tab (which they’d deny anyway).
George Alan Rekers

Ted Haggard

Mark Foley

Paul Crouch

Larry Craig

John Paulk

Michael Bussee & Gary Cooper- founding members of Exodus International who left the group and married each other (and at least they don’t try to claim it was a paperwork error- they’ve come clean and said “we were wrong”).

Can you think of any others? Two criteria:

1- Rumors don’t count- there must be a scandal attached
2- They have to have been anti-gay in some way (i.e. sponsoring/voting for anti-gay legislation, claiming to be ex-gay, preaching against gays, etc.)

Not the exact criteria, but here is some possible fodder:

From that list: Billy James Hargis, Roy Clements, Paul Barnes, Lonnie Latham. Quite a few more fornicators, but of the straight variety.

J. Edgar Hoover.

Roy Cohn.

The entire “cast” of Outrage.

Was Foley particularly anti-gay? If your criteria for that is, “He was a Republican; case closed,” then I guess no further discussion is possible, but I know he was a pro-choice Republican, and part of Whitman’s “It’s My Party Too” PAC, an anti-Bush group.

Roy Ashburn, just two months ago.

I believe there was a Virginia state legislator a few years ago who was vocally anti-gay and got caught being gay. I’ll look for the name.

Ed Schrock, I guess, although I thought I remembered it being a state legislator, not federal.

Richard Curtis.

I keep remembering these…

And who was the guy who got caught in a park restroom in Florida, whose excuse was that he gave the guy a blowjob because he was ‘a pretty big black guy’ and he was scared of him?

You’re right- he received good marks from the HRC. He’s pardoned- remove him from the Tower.

Bob Allen.

Yeah. I just found him. I don’t know if he was an anti-gay crusader or just Republican.

I remember that thread. I got to discuss entrapment by quoting from a case called Butts and point out that it was a seminal case. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Wouldn’t it be easier to make a list of ardent anti-gay crusaders who incontrovertibly turned out to be heterosexual?

He voted for DOMA, but seems to have been generally socially liberal otherwise. I don’t think I’d label him as anti-gay.

He was a big crusader against sex-crimes against minors, but that would be a different brand of hypocrisy.

Jim West, recalled mayor of Spokane, Washington.

If I recall, he was exposed (even if not in a court of law) as a homosexual pedophile, preying on several boy scouts who had been left in his charge over the years…

I think he is the reason that scouts in Washington State are not allowed to have overnight campouts with unmarried scoutleaders.