Help me connect 2 computers to each others (XP & 2000)

I have to transfer files from one computer (XP) to another (2000). I was given a “Cross-over” (or something) cable to plug into both LAN cards. I have done that. there are green lights all around.

Now what? I tried the “New Connection” wizard, but it only gives me the options of LPT1 Parallel Port or COM1 and COM2…none of which look like a Realtek LAN card to me, y’know. I tried the LPT1 with a client on one side and host on the other- no dice.

What wizards do I have to run, what settings should I use, etc. This is only to move files, not to share printers, etc.


ps- If you want me to look someplace, please post a direct link, I’m running on a 12kbps dial-up now…seriously, 12! Friggin communist-era phone lines.

This should help.


Not working.

I did what it said to do. I can see the XP computer from the 2000 one under ‘computers near me’, but when I click on it I get a pop-up ‘The network path was not found’.

When I click on the workgroup under ‘Entire Network’ ‘Microsoft Windows Network’ on the XP one, it says I can’t see anything.

And when I reboot the 2000 one, a quick popup comes on the XP one saying that the LAN has now been disconnected.

I hate Bill.
Any ideas?


Are you running firewall software on either machine?

Are both machines part of the same workgroup?

File and print sharing enabled on both machines?

Can you ping each machine from the other?

Go to command prompt in each machine and type “ipconfig” to get the the IP addresses. Then type “ping (IP address of opposite machine)”

Also, is a good resource.

No firewall.

Same workgroup (HOME)

Sharing enabled on the C: drives

No ping! But when you turn off one, the other goes “Network cable unplugged” and you can see the XP machine from the 2000, just not get into it.


Can you ping on both machines?

First off, they should be on the same subnet. e.g. and, NOT and Secondly, are you using the same user accounts and passwords on each computer? Windows XP is pretty finicky about things like that, because Microsoft introduced something called “Transparent Authentication” or some similarly named convenience that ends up making life harder. I’ve found that life is easier when all my computers have the same usernames and passwords, almost like they’re all part of one bigger computer.

Xp has a firewall. Start:Support Center
search for ‘firewall’
"You should not enable Internet Connection Firewall on virtual private networking (VPN) connections or on client computers because ICF will interfere with file and printer sharing. "

This is purely a result of the fact that you are using a crossover cable, as turning off the power at one end has essentially unplugged the cable at that end.

If you can’t ping the other machine, you aren’t going anywhere. So that’s the first thing to take care of. Try setting static IP addresses on both machines. For example, use on the first, on the other. Give both a subnet mask of

Once that is done, try to have each machine do the following:

  1. ping (this tests whether the network card itself is working)
  2. ping it’s own IP address (this proves that the address is working on that card)
  3. ping the other machine’s IP address.

If this doesn’t connect the two machines, post the results of those tests.

Also, as abel said, make sure that there are user accounts on both machines with the same user name and password.