Help me construct a killer Fantasy (American) Football team.

I am in a Fantasy Football league at work and our draft is this weekend (a litle too early for my tastes) and I want to make sure that I wreak havoc on all the other teams in the league.

We are playing using Yahoo’s system and here are the scoring rules:

I have some ideas. Generally people take RBs with the first two picks, then either two WR or a QB and then two WRs. I will probably need about 4 RBs on my team to protect against injury and bye weeks. One crazy thought I have it to draft Peyton Manning in the first or second round. I am drafting 10th out of 12 and the draft snakes so I will be 10th, 15th, 33rd, 38th and so on.

Does anyone have any great tips or know of any sites with draft info?

check out . probably one of the best, if not the best sites about ffl’s.