Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Advice

I realize that most of you Fantasy Football Dopers are reluctant to share your draft strategies, but we all know that you’re supposed to draft running backs first, so it’s not like you’ll be revealing any earth-shattering secrets if you help me out. Plus, the league I’m playing in has a weird rule that is probably unique to my league, and has thrown my personal strategy out the window. Hence, this thread.

Anyway, my league is yer typical fantasy league in most respects. Each team drafts 22 players (QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, Ds, Ks, and STs). Each week we field a team that looks like this:
[li]2 Running Backs[/li][li]2 Wide Receivers (Note: the 2 RB/ 2 WR rule is etched in stone, so our league eliminates the "swing"player which in other leagues can either be a RB or WR).[/li][li]1 Tight End[/li][li]1 Defensive Unit[/li][li]1 Special Teams Unit[/li][li]2 Quarterbacks! :eek: [/li][/ul]

Best I can figure, this Mondo Bizarro 2 QB rule is in place to lessen the impact of running backs. IOW, having 2 starting QBs every week means that a participant who managed to draft 2 great RBs won’t totally dominate the other players. Therefore, the pool of talent is a little more spread out, making the games a little closer. That’s how I figure it, anyway.

So with 2 starting QBs playing each week, I wonder if I should draft QBs higher in the draft. I was originally thinking of drafting like this:
[li]RB #1[/li][li]RB #2[/li][li]WR #1[/li][li]QB #1[/li][li]…[/li][/ul]
…and thus not draft a QB until the fourth round. But with this weird rule, should I try to draft a better QB earlier?


First off, never go into a draft saying, “I’m drafting RB/RB/WR/QB”. You should go into a draft saying, “I’m going to draft the best player on the board for the first five rounds, fill in weaknesses for the next couple, then scour the list for bargains”.

The name of the game is preparation. Have a solid list of your Top 100 players. Deviate from that list only when absolutely necessary (“I haven’t drafted a WR and it’s Round 9?!?”).

Another thing to do, especially in a league with such a weird format, is to go back to last year’s stats, and run the numbers on everyone. Look carefully at the QBs. Do they stratify themselves into distinct groupings, or are there maybe 4 studs who score mucho points, then 24 guys who put up roughly the same numbers, then 2 guys (Kordell, I’m looking at you) who suck?

If they all bunch together, then all you need to do is avoid grabbing those last 2 players, and let everyone else waste top round picks on QBs. If they split into several strata, then you should draft accordingly, picking up a QB when one presents himself as a good pick.

Ultimately, in a league like that, I think people are going to pick QBs too soon, and you can grab sleepers in the later rounds.

And also, practice, practice, practice!

Never done a 2 QB league, but since they’re letting you play two every Sunday, I would do one of the following:
-Draft two decent/good QBs, e.g., Steve McNair, Trent Green, Tom Brady, guys like that.
-Draft one good/stud QB and then go bargain hunting later.

Keep an eye on the draft board though - if people start taking QBs insanely early, you might want to poach the best WRs or TEs left on the board. also has mocks.

Rhinosaurs manager, reigning SDMB fantasy football champ 2003

neuro, did you win last year, or did mouthbreather? Either way, the winner needs to e-mail me their address to claim their prize.

I’ve never played in a 2 qb league, but sign me up for the ‘Get a stud early and a bargain in the middle/late rounds’ camp.

I’m normally a big proponent of going rb/rb the first two rounds but I’ll second Munch’s notion of drafting the best available player v limiting myself to a set list of positions.

My favorite move is to have a qb/wr combo from the same nfl team to go along w a pair of strong rb’s. I rode this formula to a league championship last year in an 8 team league, my fourth title in 21 seasons (3 leagues x seven years each). In nearly every title season, I drafted a qb/wr same team tandem (the exception being a memoroble 99 season, when I had Vinnie Testeverde in 2 leagues, had him blow an Achilles tendon in Week 1, and traded Charlie Batch in one league and Tiki Barber in another to get…Kurt Warner :smiley: ).

I agree with much of neuroman’s and Munch’s advice. The only thing I wonder about is how much passing td’s go for. Given the scoring system in your league, if an average qb consistently outscores an above average rb, I’d be much more inclined to grab a QB early.

I’d also second what Munchichi said about using a tier system. Not to give away any secrets, but it’s important for you to identify where you think there is a drop off from one group to the next. Personally, I see 3 or 4 studs, but a nice chunk of qb’s after them that I think could perform very well, so it’s a deep pool this year.

Oh, and don’t tell Munch or neuroman, but I’m grabbing AJ Feeley in the second round this year. He’s gonna dominate!!!

Long live Matt Schobel!!!

HH, mind telling us the scoring scheme in your league?

Thinking a bit more, if I were in early position (say, 4th) I think I might be tempted to draft stud RB/stud WR/stud QB. Of course, that may or may not work depending on how others draft.

Munch, actually mouthbreather won it, and I got 2nd place. But since mouthbreather vacated the league, I decided to take his crown. :smiley:

Tells ya what, I’ll email both him and you, and if he doesn’t want it, I’ll take it.

Later on tonight. I’m at work right now. Give me until about 7:30 PM Central Time.

Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver & Tight End

Each Yard Gained Passing: 1 Point
Each Yard Gained Rushing: 1 Point
Each Yard Gained Receiving: 1 Point
Each Touchdown Scored: 60 Points
Two Point Conversion: 20 Points

QB, RB, WR & TE Bonus Points

300+ Yards Passing 75 points
350+ Yards Passing 100 points
400+ Yards Passing 125 points
450+ Yards Passing 150 points
500+ Yards Passing 200 points
100+ Yards Rushing/Receiving 30 points
150+ Yards Rushing/Receiving 60 points
200+ Yards Rushing/Receiving 90 points
250+ Yards Rushing/Receiving 120 points
300+ Yards Rushing/Receiving 150 points

Kicker Points & Bonus Points

Extra Point 10 Points
Field Goal Total Yardage of Each FG
Bonus Points (45-49 Yards) 15 Points
Bonus Points (50-59 Yards) 30 Points
Bonus Points (60+ Yards) 100 Points

Defense Points

Defensive Touchdown Scored 60 Points
Defensive Shutout 120 Points
Defensive Safety 40 Points
Defensive Sacks, Fumble Recoveries & INT’s 20 Points Each
Defensive Interception Returns 1 Point per yard returned
Defensive Sack Yardage 1 Point per yard lost

Special Teams Points

Kickoff Returns 1 Point per yard
Punt Return 1 Point per yard
Kick/Punt Returned for Touchdown 60 Points
Punt/FG Blocked & Returned for TD 60 Points
FG Fake, Punt Fake or Onside Kick Returned for TD 60 Points

That scoring system strongly favors QB in the yardage rewards, but seems to give them no points for passing TD’s. Very strange, but given that I will offer the following advice:
[ul][li]Listen to Much, preparation matters and you don’t want ot lock yourself into a pattern of position picks.[/li][li]When making your list of top ~100, give additional consideration to QB’s that pass for a lot of yards, regardless of TD total, and even more consideration to QB’s who run for scores. (Culpepper, Vick, etc.) Pay no attention to passing TDs and take that into account if referencing a cheat sheet or magazine listing.[/li][li]I differ from Munch, though, in beimg more willing to deviate from the “best available athlete” rule. It’s a good place to start, but you also have to watch what is flying off the board and take into account how long until your next pick. “Bracket” players, and keep an eye on when your league is about to hit a “dropoff” point.[/li][li]Don’t follow runs. Just because five WR’s went in the last 7 picks, doesn’t mean you need to grab your next rated WR. Remember the “bracket”. If you have 5 more WR rated closely together, then you probably have plenty of time to select a valuable QB or a top TE and then grab a WR on the return. Is there really that much difference, in your expectations, between Amani Toomer and Isaac Bruce?[/li][li]Don’t try to start runs. Ever. On this I follow the chart religiously. Never move a player up in ranking just because you have the oporunity to grab the first WR/QB/TE/K/D. There’s a reason you ranked Hines Ward above Tony Gonzalez in the first place. Don’t forget about it just because you have a chance to grab the top TE.[/li][li]Above all – have fun!![/li]Above everything else – talk smack!![/ul]