Help me create a dinner from leftovers, please!

So the other night I made some cheesy potatoes, “Mexican” style, from a box. Y’know, the scalloped potatoes with a kick kind? Anyhow, they proved too spicy even for my spice-lovin’ toddler, so I now have left over cheesy potatoes (about 2 cups) that no one wants.

It occurred to me that they might make a very tasty crust to a “Mexican” quiche of some sort. Any ideas how to make it manifest? Should I mash them and add some flour and milk? Just put em in a pie tin as is and smoosh 'em down? Do I need to add any fat or leavening? Do I need to bake it first and then add the filling and bake it again? I am not a baker, and I usually make crustless quiche.

While we’re at it, any quiche filling ideas? I’m thinking eggs, milk (of course), and queso blanco and cheddar. Maybe some chopped tomatoes and…bacon? Would bacon be weird? It might not be authentic, but it seems like it’d go well with the cheesy potato crust. I don’t want the filling to be spicy - we’ll let the crust handle that part, so no jalapeños in the filling.

(I’m thinking fresh homemade salsa with chips and a bean/corn salad on the side.)

Not sure about quiche, but they’d probably make this Mexican Soup pretty great (basically just broth with potatoes, avocado, corn, tomato,shredded chicken and cilantro, all sprinkled with lime juice).

That recipe looks a lot like tortilla soup, which I love so much, I’ve eaten it four out of the past six days. I say do that! Use the spicy potatoes instead of the sweet potatoes (or use both!) and enjoy. The stuff is very forgiving, you can adapt the recipe endlessly. I never use an actual recipe anymore, I just wing it. :slight_smile:

(Sorry I have no quiche advice, I’m kind of a novice. But tortilla soup is so easy even I can make it, and it tastes really fancy.)

Ooh, that looks really good! Now I’m torn…I’ve been craving quichey goodness lately, but I’m a huge soup lover, too! Decisions, decisions…