What do I do with these leftover potatoes?

Roomie and I went to dinner at Bob’s Burgers & Brew last night. Couldn’t finish my burger, and definitely couldn’t finish the fries/jo-jos. (‘Jo-jos’, or ‘potato wedges’ as we called them in SoCal, are potato wedges that have been breaded and deep-fried. The ones we got last night were just wedges of Yukon Gold potatoes that were deep-fried without breading.) We brought the leftovers home and I put the spuds into a zip-top bag and weighed them. Over a pound and a half. (7/8 oz. over, to be exact.) Those were the leftovers. You can imagine the original quantity.

This is my default position: Fry some bacon and chop it up. Fry the potatoes and some chopped onions in the grease. Put the bacon back in. Crack a couple of eggs on top, cover, and cook until the whites are set.

Any other ideas?

I think you already won the thread!

But I always make potatoes that way. The only difference is that I’d be using leftover deep-fried potatoes.

I suppose I could make about 15 chip butties…

Potato S’mores :slight_smile:

I like where you’re going, but I’d add some grated cheddar cheese and sour cream to that and skip the eggs. Maybe add some green onions. Shoot, now I want that. :slight_smile:

Roll all that up in a tortilla and add some salsa and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome breakfast burrito.

If you’ve got some roast beef or turkey or something, you could dice it up and make a hash.

Oh my goodness, I think I would just have to heat and eat them with hot sauce.

Alas, I used the last of the tortillas (and the chorizo) last week.

I would smush them all up and make mashed potatoes or potato cakes.

I’d add some chopped peppers and chopped tomatoes to your original recipe, and top with shredded cheese. Then hit it with a mess of hot sauce and chow down.