Help me create a t-shirt

I want to make my own t-shirt. I want it to be a nice, simple shirt, not the usual crappy Hanes ‘Beefy Tee’, but something of higher quality (e.g. Banana Republic). I want a nice, plain, well fitted t-shirt that simply says “LIFE” front and center. I saw an episode of SNL at the end of which such a shirt was worn by Chris Kattan (during closing credits) and now I really want one. Does anyone know of any good online services? Should I just buy a nice shirt and make my own? Which color combinations are suggested? I was thinking a light blue shirt with white lettering. Any feedback is appreciated.

Make your own. Get a shirt you like, and you can make an iron on transfer with the computer, or, if it’s a light colored shirt, just print out what you want it to say, tape it to the inside of the shirt, and trace over it with fabric paint.

You might check with your local screenprinting/trophy type store. They can usually do shirts with the rubberized type printing on them, instead of iron-on patches, which wear more quickly. I’m not sure if set-up would be prohibitive for a single shirt, but since it’s just lettering, the cost might still be fairly low.

Yeah, I’d go to a local place like fizgig said. When I get shirts printed up for my teams, it ends up being about $12 a piece for high quality t-shirts. This includes about a $20 fee for the screen, which when divided out between 2 dozen shirts is minimal, but obviously would be the majority of the cost if you are trying to get just one. Maybe you could order at least 2-3 and bring the price into the $15 - $20 a piece range. Or, even better, maybe the shop would have some kind of less expensive system for making one shirt at a time.

I wanted a T-shirt that said “I’m telling you the honest truth” on the front and “I’m a compulsive liar” on the back …

You think Banana Republic uses better shirts than Beefys?? I doubt it.

I printed shirts for fifteen years and had my own business for five.
You can simplify this for yourself if you want a printed as opposed to ironed-on solution.

See your local small-medium screen-printing shop and discuss colors, ink colors, and quality of shirts. Good tees range from $4.00 to $7.00 blank, but they will want around $12ea (or more) for such a small quantity. If you went to the BR you might pay, say $20 (?) each. You should be able to bring in your own if you desire, however…see below*.

Discuss the art you want and whether they can whip it up or want you to, costs involved, and whether they’d like hardcopy or digital files and on which platform and software.

Here: LIFE

Wow, that was easy

If it saves you time and money to DIY:
With such a simple design you should find a font you like and print it out on a crisp black&white laser printer (kinkos, friend, etc).
If the font is unusual bring it and your file (easily fit on a floppy) to the printer.

Take the design on paper, the floppy, and at least two shirts to the printer and discuss slowly, and to your satisfaction, how you want this printed and in what color. Get any agreement in writing.

Let me repeat that. Get any agreement in writing.

You may be charged a flat price or have the charges broken down.
Blunt is absolutely correct on everything. Some shops may have a way to print this directly from your electronic files, although that technology was fledgling a few years back.

You may be charged for a screen, anywhere from $15~$40 depending on the shop.
You may be charged camera/art, or film charges $15 or so.

Typically 2 printed shirts cost the customer around $20~30 each, however, what you’re asking is really easy.

*Decide how far down from the neck you want the top of the letters. The goober printing it will have a different opinion than you. This is also why you want at least two shirts. He/she will usually bung one up if you only bring your prize $20 shirt in there.(Murphy)

Dark color shirts are a slightly different matter - you want to get “flash curing” which is printing the design once, curing the ink while the shirt is still on the press, and printing it again. This results in a clear sharp lighter color and many shops won’t do it unless you ask.

Any more help, just email me. (in my profile)

Have you checked out CafePress? You can have virtually any graphic that is on the internet put on a t-shirt. I don’t know if they have the type you are looking for though. I have sold t-shirts on Ebay with my own designs and used CafePress to produce the shirts. All my customers were apparently happy, none complained or left negative feedback.