Help me crush this moth problem

Little brown moths EVERYWHERE!

We’ve looked through all the kitchen and can’t find a place they’re breeding. They seem to come from the room with the furnace, but we’ve found no source there either.

But the little buggers are everywhere. I just swatted 6 on the bedroom walls.

I’ve never lived anywhere with a problem like this.

They don’t seem to be attacted by light so a little indoor bug zapper might not work. The two sticky traps we bought have only caught 10 in the past 3 weeks.

Any clues on this one?

The moths may be breeding in the A/C drain pan of your furnace or some similar source of moisture. I would set off a bug bomb or fumigator in that room about once a week for a month. That should pretty well take care of it. Also, check for any leaks in drains or water pipes that could be creating moth breeding areas and fix any you find.

Good luck.

They may also be flour moths. Pheremone based sticky traps do a good job of eliminating one half of the breeding population.

Our first thought was the little brown flour moths so the first thing we did when they arrived was look through everything in the kitchen. Didn’t find anything telling.
I checked the furnace room and there isn’t a floor drain. I couldn’t see any moist areas. I’ll look a bit better tomorrow.

If you have an A/C, and not just a heater, then there is some form of drain for the condensate, and a condensate drain pan to go with it. I’d be suspicious of this as a source for insect breeding.

The heater is an old coal buring boiler converted to gas. We have water heated radiators.

This house is old school when it comes to things like that.

It is rather dry back there but I should really see if I can find something like what you’re talking about.

An elderly neighbor always used to swear by the tactic of leaving out a dish of sudsy dish water each night, and changing it as needed. The moths (millers) would be drawn to the suds and drown. Here is more info about the kind of moth nicknamed miller. I don’t know if it would work with your moths or not, but it might be a low budget thing to try. Good luck.