Help me decorate my new apartment

I’m taking a shot in the dark with my forum selection – I figured book stuff = CS, but my apologies if I’m off.

Okay, so, I’ve moved into my new apartment. It’s a mess, a complete freaking giant mess and there is crap everywhere and I’m not sure where my floor is and my desk is wobbly all of a sudden and where the heck is my work belt and I’m getting a little neurotic about all the clutter everywhere. But I think it’s going to come together alright. Truth be told, if I got up and quit playing on the board here I’d have been done hours ago.

Well, not completely done. See, I’ve been totally unable to find the last little thing I need to complete my decor. I have my lamp, that’s okay. Bedside table is looking good. Paintings, check. Yep, all in order. But there’s this one thing, this one little thing (which is actually eight things, or four pairs of things, whatever) that I really want but I can’t find anywhere. So I turn to you.

Anyone know where I can get some cheap, obscene bookends? I have four shelves, and I’d like to get a unique set of adult bookends for each one. Perhaps a pair of breasts, a pair of testicles, a set of thighs, and…well, I haven’t thought up a fourth set, but I’m sure you guys can come up with something. Any ideas? Any craftsmen out there interested in putting their skills to the test? Perhaps a couple of nude gnomes would be a good idea for the fourth set. Yeah, maybe that’d be the ticket.
You know, if I ever do get the courage and confidence up to start dating again, I’m never going to be able to bring anyone back to my place and keep a straight face