Help me define a new word: "strelth"

I did a Yahoo! search on this “word” and got no hits. That’s after having tried numerous others hoping for similar results, but too many “non-words” I came up with appear to have been taken.

Just based on its look and sound, what do you propose as a definition for “strelth”?

If we can get as many as twenty good choices, maybe we can do a poll!

Secretly strong.

Obviously a portmanteau word combining “strength” and “health.” As in, “I do resistaerobic exercises to improve my strelth.”

That quality in the genus Felis which allows a cat to jump from a standstill, noiselessly, to the top of a sideboard or chest of drawers. From strength + stealth.

Streaking stealthily.

I was thinking a portmanteau of “strength” and “stealth”. Which appears to be what hajario was thinking, too, but I took it in a different direction: Strength by virtue of stealth. It’s no secret that a B-2 or F-117 is a powerful airplane, but it’s powerful because it’s stealthy.

Street wealth.

*The homeless guy found a busy corner where he accumulated a bulging pocket of strelth. *

Surely that would be “strelthing”? Strelth sounds like a noun. Likewise, hajaro, that would be “strelthy”.

I think strelth could be the fourth-dimensional equivalent of length, height and width.

Stealthily stretchy - you know how when you stretch spandex, it makes the faintest if sounds? Well, with strelth fabric, ninjas, Navy Seals and Army Rangers can get their yoga on and kill you before you ever hear them.