Help me Determine Physical Location of Server

I would like to figure out where a server is actually located. I know the name of the web site.

Any thoughts?

Try VisualRoute. There are, I think, other visual traceroute applications that show the ‘hops’ traveled by a connection on a map.

The oldschool method of finding the geographic location of a server is whois, which often also gives the name of the server admin and some other information (such as the company that owns a domain). Finger, a similar protocol, displays information about a server. Finger and whois are largely obsolete now, but they still exist and you should be able to find clients for them.

You can use traceroute and work your way back by looking hard at each step in the route, but it’s time-consuming.

You can also try networldmap:

Just fill in the IP address in the box.

heh…when I read the subject I thought you had a problem like this!