Help me figure out who this singer is (black, 1940s, Charlie Gonzalez?)

In the early 90s I bought a cassette tape with music by this singer. It was good stuff, but now my Google-fu is revealing nothing to me (and I’d tried once before as well).

His name was something like Charlie Gonzalez. Black guy, 1940s music not so very distant from that of Cab Calloway.

He had a song about riding a horse, or using that as a metaphor. Ride ride, etc.

One song I remember fairly well. Keeps talking about, “Muscatel, muscatel.” And the last line of the song was (this is close, I think): “Ain’t nothing in the world that a wine-drinking woman won’t do.” Google turns up nothing for this lyric, however.

A real mystery to me. I want to find this guy and listen to his music again. Thanks for your help!

Maybe it’s Charlie Gonzales with the Red Hollaway Band known for the song "Hey, Muscatel! (1952). Covered here by Sun Ra.

That’s it, thanks! I needed that correct spelling to find him on Spotify. All good! :slight_smile: