Help me find a barebone computer.

Long story short: My desktop computer crashed. Figuring the problem to be the hard drive, I bought a new one, along with a brand new copy of Windows XP (I had upgraded from 3.1 thru Win95 thru 98 thru XP). I can’t get the new OS to load, so I’m hoping it’s only the main board that’s bad. I figure I’ll drop $150 or so on a barebones so I can make use of my existing components that work or are new.

I need help finding a barebones system that will maximize use of my existing components. And so I turn to the Teeming Millions.

My current home built system is as follows:

Brand new IDE Hard Disk
ASRock P4V88 Mobo w/ 512mb ram
ATI Rage AGP video card
Pentium 4, 3.0 ghz, socket 478 processor.
Some type of CD rom that doesn’t appear to need replacement.

I would just buy an identical MoBo, but that model doesn’t appear to be available anywhere, so, I’d like to find a barebones system that would allow me to keep the processor, CD rom, HD, ram and video card. I’d like a new power supply in the event that mine is bad.

Any ideas? Anyone know a good site that allows this type of filtered search? Or a good company I could explain this to and they’d hook me up? A little help here?

You could just buy the barebones components separately to make sure you get what you want. The only real issue is matching the motherboard to your existing processor and RAM. is the goto place for computer components. All you need to do is find an equivalent motherboard, decide if you want your old case and, if not, get a new one with a suitable power supply already installed.